Board of Directors

Kabbalah ExperienceKen Diamond
Ken has served on the KE Board for five years, is a member of our Executive Committee and also serves on the Marketing Committee and the Strategic Planning Working Group. Ken is Vice President & Assistant General Counsel at Aimco, one of the largest owner-operators of apartment homes in the United Sates. In his free time Ken enjoys spending time with his wife and young son, reading, hiking and snowboarding.

Kabbalah ExperienceDr. Martin Dubin
Marty has served on the KE Board for five years and is a member of our Executive Board. He is also the current chair of our Strategic Planning Working Group. Marty is a clinical psychologist and a Partner at RHR International, a world leader in executive and organizational/business consulting. Marty and his wife Barbara enjoy their conversation in the car driving home from their KE classes each week.

Kabbalah ExperienceMalena Fernandez
Malena has served on the KE Board for three years as our Treasurer and is a member of our Executive Board. Her background is in finance, banking and business analysis. Malena hails from the Philippines and discovered Kabbalah Experience from a promotional flyer left on her front door. Her Catholic background served as a catalyst for seeking a spiritual foundation for her life.

Kabbalah ExperienceDr. David Franklin
David has completed his initial year on the KE Board and has also served on the Marketing Committee. He is retired from a 30-year anesthesiology practice in Denver. He is originally from South Africa where he was raised in a Methodist household. He has been married to Maeve for 38 years and has 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Kabbalah study is one of a number of spiritual teachings David invests in as a seeker of wisdom and greater awareness. He has studied the mystical traditions of all the world’s great religions over the last 20 years.

Kabbalah ExperienceDr. Andrew Freeman
Andrew has served on the KE Board for four years and is the chair of the Marketing Committee where he shares his expertise with new media. Andrew is the director of clinical cardiology at National Jewish Health and runs the highly successful Walk with a Doc program. Andrew is thrilled to find a home with Kabbalah study to supplement his own curiosity, self-learning, and spiritual growth and awareness. He is the proud father to 3 wonderful children and husband to his most supportive wife, Marti. KE has challenged Andrew to embrace his day-to-day encounters with people as constant chances to learn and grow with the awareness of the interconnectedness of life.

Kabbalah ExperienceRichard Greenberg
Rich has served on the KE Board for the past five years. Rich practiced environmental law on behalf of the U.S. Government and as a consultant to industry for many years before forming INTIVA Corp, a start-up involved in research and development of medicinal cannabinoids in the U.S. and in Israel. Rich and his wife Eileen are committed to philanthropic giving to a wide variety of Jewish and other non-profit organizations throughout Colorado, such as the Jewish Studies Program at the University of Colorado, Camp Ramah Outdoor Adventure Camp, and the Temple Grandin Equine Center at CSU. Rich has been studying at KE for seven years.

Kabbalah ExperienceNancy Nowak
Nancy has served with pleasure for two years on the KE Board, and is a member of the Marketing Committee and Re-branding working group. Nancy developed and directed the Temple Sinai pre-school, and currently serves on the interest free loan committee at Sinai. She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and recently retired as the founding director for the Center for Divorce and Parenting. For over 50 years she has been an educator, divorce mediator and an advocate “for the sake of children.” Nancy has 3 daughters and sons-in-law, and 6 grandchildren – all the light of her life. She is widowed after a 47 year marriage and looking for Mr. Right. Kabbalah study has healed her intense grief and helped her live, as best as she can, in the moment, with a sense of gratefulness.

Kabbalah ExperienceNancy Steele
Nancy is completing her fourth year on the KE Board and her first year as President. With Nancy’s leadership KE has flourished and is poised for growth. Nancy’s career as an educator and consultant across Colorado taught her about the interconnectedness that is often missed in systems large and small. She has been blessed to live in Colorado her whole life, though her two grown children are pursuing their passions on either coast. She and her husband, Craig, love the outdoors and get away to the mountains as often as possible. Nancy came to study at KE longing for a connection to her self, to a spiritual practice, and to a side of Judaism that had not existed for her. She has found a community of learners who support and challenge her.