Be a 111 KE Ambassador

If you would like to serve as a 111 KE Ambassador, there is still time to give!

You can pay $111 now or $11 per month to play a key role in KE’s outreach and growth.

No matter where you are on your transformational journey with Kabbalah Experience, know that your support has allowed us to continue to flourish. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to touch more people with the teachings and contribute to the betterment of our humanity? As we enjoy the 13th year of our school we turn to you to make this expansion possible by making a tax deductible year-end donation. 

We invite to you to be a more active participant and advocate for KE by asking you to become a 111 KE ambassador.  Why 111? Does it surprise you that the Hebrew words for hopeunity and oneness all have this same numerical value of 111?  

111 is not exactly a round number but it is my “awake number” which means that I encounter it often and when I see it I am mindful to pay attention. When I see that number I am aware and awake to the possibility of the connections that bring renewed hope to my life. 

So, what is my hope today? That we stay united and experience fully our interconnectedness as a spiritual community!  

Being a 111 KE ambassador is a calling. I “ambassador” every day for KE which means I answer people’s questions about our curriculum and community. I contribute through my teaching and donations. I am asking you to donate $111 and be a 111 KE Ambassador. You will be joining a circle of key supporters!

Donate now to bring the transformational teachings of Kabbalah Experience into the homes and classrooms of more students on this spiritual journey of awareness and consciousness development. 

Our gift to you: a digital blog collection of the 11 Awareness Principles and Practices of Kabbalah Experience.  We hope it inspires your continued study and support!

With gratitude and hope,  


Our gift to You!

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