Our Story Evolves

Annual Report 2018

Reflections from the
Executive Director

You and I? We are perpetual students of the present moment.

We strive to remain fluid, to learn from the past and plan for the future without getting stuck in old stories or worried about that which we don’t control.  How do YOU practice that awareness?

Our girls have been rehearsing for their school play, The Lion King, which has a beautiful song not in the original film score entitled: “He lives in you.” The sentiment of the song testifies to the flow of the past into the future through the present. I find this movement of energy to be an elegant way to make every moment matter.

Like you, the KE organization works at fully accepting ourselves as we are—without being stagnant. In the present, we seek opportunities where growth is possible and even necessary.  KE itself, though not a person, has vision, a heart, and energy flowing from and through it. Our community, as KE’s caretakers, needs to see clearly where our potential and promise can and will “live on.”

Can we envision KE being a generator of spiritual teachings and growth for a new generation of seekers? What resources do we need to continue the wonderful legacy already created?

As I reflect on these questions it becomes clear that the unique teachings and methodology of KE need to be preserved for you and for all the students to come. KE is a living and evolving entity and therefore needs to plan for the future now.

We need your support to:

  • share our learning with many others beyond the Rocky Mountain region
  • offer any-time self-study by videotaping our curriculum and
  • carefully expand the faculty of gifted and inspirational Kabbalah teachers who will bring their unique energy and wisdom to evolve the KE curriculum further.

We plan to hire an Education Director next fall who will manage the organizational and administrative responsibilities of the school, freeing more of my time to write, convert teachings into “evergreen” and accessible forms. Of course, I’ll continue teaching. ­

To realize this vision we need to convey the impact of Transformational Kabbalah to new audiences – and the best person to do that is YOU. How has your personal story evolved since you began your path of study?  Have you experienced “Kabbalah Moments” of synchronicity? What new awareness do you have now and what life changes have you made? Your evolving story – your transformation – speaks more to the value of Kabbalah Experience than anything else we can say. In fact, your story is the most meaningful expression of KE’s mission and purpose.

We have created a new place on our website to share your experiences with potential students. We invite you to submit a story of how the teachings have deepened your spiritual journey, awakened your sense of purpose, and helped you make important changes to: yourself, your relationships, your community and healing the world. In this way you will raise the awareness of human interconnectedness, as well as demonstrate how study at Kabbalah Experience is indeed transformational.

Our first two stories were written by Melanie Gruenwald and Danny Pando. Read on and see if you are inspired to share your own.

Kabbalah lives in you,



Stories of Transformation

Nothing is more meaningful to our community than knowing that KE’s Transformational Kabbalah is making an impact on YOU. In 2019, we will be inviting YOU to submit a story of how the teachings have deepened your spiritual journey, awakened your sense of purpose, and helped you make important changes to yourself, your relationships, your community and healing to the world. To kick off the Year of Our Stories, please read on…

Melanie Gruenwald: 
A story of grief transformed

Having been raised in a mainstream, somewhat secular, Conservative Jewish home, living life across the religious spectrum in college, eventually becoming more observant, serving as a Jewish professional and marrying a man who would later become a Conservative rabbi… I was always in pursuit of greater ownership and depth of my Jewish learning and Jewish journey. I found that being married to a rabbi, I was very connected to Jewish community, and to religious life, but I no longer had a spiritual mentor.

When our family moved to Denver ten years ago, I had heard about the Kabbalah Experience, and met David through mutual friends. I was always interested in participating in the learning, but the timing never seemed right. I was working full-time, my kids were young— the time commitment was one more investment in myself that I didn’t feel I had the ability to make. I existed in a myriad of good excuses.

During the summer of 2017, my son, Koby, was fighting glioblastoma, and my full-time job was caring for him. He loved Jewish learning, and was no longer attending school full-time, so we decided to take a class together at the Kabbalah Experience.  David opened his door to us...

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Danny Pando: 
A story of personal liberation

I was raised Catholic, meaning I was baptized but we were never forced to go to church or into any sort of practice. As an adult, I started looking at myself. I explored Buddhism and looked at other Eastern religions. I didn't know much about the Jewish culture or traditions.

Then I heard a podcast by a guy talking about his experience with Kabbalah. I started looking around for local courses or teachers but had no luck. Then one day I was driving down the street and I saw the building sign for Kabbalah Experience. I thought: that's an actual sign!

I stopped in, signed up for a Free Introductory Class and that’s how my Kabbalah studies began.

My personal transformation with Kabbalah actually started in the second year of study when we started tackling Masks. It gave me an opportunity to see every part I've played throughout my childhood, and teenage years. I had different masks that I put on as a survival mechanism. Kabbalah really gave me the tools to be conscious of the roles that I played. It also allowed me to see some of the traumas from my childhood...

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Rabbi Jamie Arnold

Rabbi Jamie continues to inspire and delight students through teaching our foundation classes and integrating Mussar teaching and practice for advanced students in Consciousness Evolving. He is currently enjoying a Sabbatical and devoting  time to the completion of his translation of Orchot Tzadikim (Paths of the Righteous) a 15th century book on Jewish ethics and a classic of Mussar.

Welcome Our Newest Teacher

Melanie Gruenwald comes to the Kabbalah Experience with over 20 years in informal Jewish education.  Engaged with senior citizens, families, college students, and teens, Melanie has extensive professional experience with communal leadership and community-organizing. Her passion for learning and understanding a broader worldview, has been further expanded at Kabbalah Experience, and she looks forward to serving as a teacher for the foundation courses.

Welcome the New Staff

We are very pleased to have two new staff members join us this year, Clayton Sellers, Marketing and Social Media Manager and Deanna Rasch, Program Coordinator.

Clayton joins KE with a full range of digital skills. He has implemented the design for the new website – including first-time features like an integrated database of marketing information and an overhaul of the registration process to make it more user-friendly. He has increased KE’s social media following by 30%, making progress on the important goal of outreaching to potential students beyond the Denver region. A man of many talents, Clayton loves all things tech and enjoys sharing that knowledge to help people feel empowered in the digital age. He also manages an award winning music and entertainment venue in Boulder County.

Deanna comes to the Denver area and KE with a varied background of education and experiences. From advanced degrees in Library and Information Studies and Creative Writing to credentials in counseling and areas of alternative medicine (including T’ai Chi Chih, shiatsu, meditation, craniosacral therapy, Reiki, and EFT/tapping), she is a thinker, an educator, a healing arts practitioner, and a coach. She is a practicing Tibetan Buddhist who enjoys supporting students in reaching their educational and spiritual goals.

These classes have been total
shape shifters... 

~ Anita Khaldy Kehmeier, KE Student and Donor


For our Fifth Annual Fundraiser in January 2018 we gathered in joyful celebration of David’s 60th birthday at Swallow Hill in Denver. It was a wonderful opportunity to honor the teachers, Board, volunteers and all the members who make this community conscious and caring. The program showcased students, past and present, sharing their stories of transformation. Recording artist Ellis Delaney capped off the evening with heartwarming, original songs and the call to dance.

KE Board of Directors


Dr. Mel Wernimont, President

Joe Costello  

Gwen Crawford  

Ken Diamond 

Michelle Friedman  

Bettina Kurowski  

Phil Mason  

Michelle Saxer 

We gratefully acknowledge the service of those board members who rotated off the board this last year.

Eve Epstein

Dr. Andrew Freeman 

Dr. Barbara Kreisman

Rachel Namoff

Brittany Wangsness


Our fundraising and special community events would not be possible without the generous involvement of volunteers.  We gratefully acknowledge the creativity and hard work that make KE events so successful. The Annual Fundraiser was chaired by former Board Member Eve Epstein and Special Event Committee volunteers.


Hal Aqua  

Marcy Baruch 

Mimi Bergen

Eve Brogan

Dr. Michael Charney

Gwen Crawford

Jodi Eisen 

Eve Epstein

Diane Gimber

Susann Gordon

 Bonnie Houghton 

Dr. Linda Reinstein Kaplan

Joyce Lisbin

Benjamin Sanders 

Carla Sciaky 

Nancy Steele

Brittany Wangsness

Profit and Loss – FY 2018

The Kabbalah Experience
community is grateful to

Jane E & Stanton Rosenbaum

for their matching gift of $25,000
to underwrite production of the

SOUL Streaming Video Series.

The KE community responded generously to the match, helping us to exceed our goal by $6,000 for a total of $51,000.

Upcoming Opportunities

The next KE self-study streaming courses are in production for release in early 2019.

Become a part of the KE legacy and underwrite one of these videos for world wide distribution. Your name and dedication will be featured throughout the video series. Please contact David about these underwriting opportunities.


As a school, tuition is a significant source of KE’s income. That said, we would never be able to offer as many courses, educational materials and events without the even larger sum of private donations from our community. We are grateful for this powerful support you and other students provide.
We thank you for your generosity. 

Joe Costello
Ken Diamond
Eve Epstein
Dr. Andrew Freeman
Mickey & Nancy Gart
Diane Gimber & Denzil Inman
Barbara Goldburg
Richard & Eileen Greenberg
Celeste Grynberg
Dr. Barbara Kreisman
Bettina Kurowski
Robyn Loup
Louann & Micky Miller
Rachel Namoff
Jillian Oliver
Andrea Pollack
Jane E & Stanton Rosenbaum
Michelle Saxer
William Steinberg
Scott & Andrea Stillman
Brittany Wangsness
Drs. Anne & Mel Wernimont

Andrew & Laurie Brock
Corinne & Avi Brown
Jodi Eisen
Ceci & Michael Lowinger
Caren Press
Scott & Andrea Stillman
Leo Tokar

Judy Armstrong
Martin Atlas
Lisa Biederman
Eve Brogan
Myndie Brown
Bobbie Carpenter
Dr. Michael Charney
Marc Cooper
Robert Corn
Gwen Crawford
Kristi Dinner
Eve Epstein
Erica Farber
Dr. Robert & Megan Fontae
Steven Frank
Karen & Dr. Stuart Frankel
Dr. David Franklin
Dr. Ivor Garlick
Mark Grimm
Sherly Goodman
Melanie & Rabbi Salomon Gruenwald
Barbara Hamilton & Paul Primus
Lisa Hartman
Sharon Hwang
Dr. Dan & Beverly Jacobson 
Dr. Linda Reinstein Kaplan
Stephen Kapnik
Amy Karpas
John Keith
Jaye & Mike Kephart
Bryan King
Anita Khaldy & Dr. Dean Kehmeier
Jan Klatskin
Dr. Ryan Kramer
Maita Lester
Patti Levine
Janice Lines
Joyce Lisbin
Dr. Lester Lockspeiser
Dr. Joan Manheimer
Laurie Marcus
Rebecca Martin
Phil Mason & Linda Malman
Barbara McDonald
Lisa Mintz
Elyn Moldow
Martin Morris
Nancy Nowak
Essie Perlmutter
Lisa Perlmutter
Dan Prendergast
Jeffrey Reiss
Dr. David & Rita Sanders
Robert Schwartz
Ellen Selig
Lori Sigman
Susie Sigman
Barry & Deborah Sopinsky
Larry Stark
Carolyn Steele
Stefan Stein
Lynne Sullivan
Jeff Suskin
Nora Tietjen
Debra Goodstein
Scott Vosburgh
Abbott & Joan Wallis
Michelle Wecksler
Lori Weiner
Barry Winograd
Martina Young

Diana Arendrup
Peggy Brody
Ilan Brown
Clarissa Cohen
Misty Davidson
Hillary Depolo
Orly Eisbert
Martin Factor
Dr. Joyce Fine
Robin Glickstein
Susann Gordon
Stephen Kapnik
John Keith
Mary Klinert
Pesia Lenczner
Judy Maselli
Mary Ann May
Peggy Mayer
Alyson Miller-Greenfield
Alexander Mizer
Myra Rieger 
Bob Rottman
Roslyn Rudnick
Debra Sandberg
Lindsay Senter
Hanna Shaner
Nancy Sharp
Laurie Levy-Sher
Jan Spitzer
Carolyn Steele
Peggy Thompson
Karen Wardell

Preview of 2019

Once again Kabbalah Experience and Shambhala Meditation Center will co-host Yuval Ron, the internationally renowned World Music artist, composer, educator, and peace activist for an evening of spiritual chant and movement.


We are hosting a book-signing and discussion featuring Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, PhD, author, psychotherapist, Kabbalah scholar and founding rabbi of 
Congregation Nevei Kodesh in Boulder.


Mark your calendars for KE’s 6th Annual Fundraiser “The Art of Kabbalah” on Sunday, April 28th. It will be a spectacular evening featuring a return performance by the incomparable Ellis Delaney, dance, poetry and fine art inspired by Kabbalah Experience. 

Stay tuned for more details.

At KE we are building upon a powerful foundation by:


  • Introducing new teachers, curricula and courses
  • Expanding self-study materials in different forms
    (streaming video, webinars, ebooks)
  • Building community through the Art of Kabbalah
  • Celebrating our Bar/Bat Mitzvah – 13 years!
  • Collecting and sharing YOUR stories


In the Tree of Life, Hod is Surrender: acknowledging what is, accepting and giving way.  The Color orange symbolizes restoration and hope. HOD is also representative of GRATITUDE as we flow on to Malchut, manifestation.

With your support, we have hope that the evolving story of Kabbalah Experience continues on.