Why Kabbalah?

For seekers of spiritual growth and knowledge who want to transcend limitations and realize practical benefits, Kabbalah Experience and Dr. David Sanders’ unique teachings of Transformational Kabbalah offer the opportunity to…

  • Experience life richly in the present moment
  • Increase compassion and personal peace
  • Bring positive change to your life and a troubled world

Read Dr. Sanders’ 11 Principles of Awareness: the underpinnings of KE Teachings.

Review current opportunities for self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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The Eleven Awareness Principles of
Kabbalah Experience

  1. Pay attention to what shows up as a reflection of what you still need to learn and grow into.
  2. Be present to the moment. This includes fully processing emotions that come from the past and how plans for the future impact your present living.
  3. Accept reality as it is. Live with a deep sense of gratitude. Seek and offer forgiveness in your everyday experiences.
  4. Live by setting intention. Be open to possibility—one door closing opens another. Measure success by effort not by outcome.
  5. Hold opposites and recognize that those qualities you may judge in others are mirrored in you. Seek common ground with others.
  1. Set limits to access greater intimacy and focus in your relationships.
  2. Expand your concern and love for the “other”.
  3. Recognize the multiplicity of masks you wear (so they don’t wear you).
  4. Perceive and understand the metaphors that underlie your life choices.
  5. Witness the masks and metaphors and enter a state of no-thingness.
  6. Flow in the paradox of being and non-being in every moment.

Who are our Students?


KE welcomes students from all walks of life, all ages, all spiritual backgrounds and no spiritual background at all. Our mix of mysticism, psychology and science attract the most fascinating people! A recent course included: a young musician, a pastor, a Holocaust survivor’s daughter, a student of inter-spirituality, an older accountant, an entrepreneur and a teacher of English as a Second Language (who participated via ZOOM from India). There is no pre-requisite to studying with us and we do nothing to force any ideology or belief system on you. The real power of Transformational Kabbalah is how it deepens the awareness, compassion and sense of infinite possibility for each student – meeting them where they are on their journey.

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What our students say…

  • Studying at KE had been life-enhancing on many levels. Jeff Suskin, Owner – DiningOut Magazines

  • This study has reminded me about the joy that is to be found in life. After decades in the financial world where success is measured by the numbers you can tally at the end of the day, I thought it might be time to explore something more spiritual.Sue Allon, Founder – Allonhill

  • It is no exaggeration to say KE has changed my life.Kathleen O’Brien, TV Broadcaster, Creator: Defy Aging: Grow Old. Be Happy.

  • Amid my peers of all ages and backgrounds, I have started to gain an awareness of the world in a new way.Susie Sigman,
    Sales, Marketing and Customer Success Professional

  • Kabbalah study is a gift I give to my life. My Kabbalah Experience classes have been safe and thoughtful places to study and grow.Robin Glickstein, Market Researcher and Creative Thinker, Associate, Beetrix Research & Consulting

  • Here, there is a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere for someone who did not grow up in the Jewish tradition. The teaching style is stimulating but practical. I am delighted to have found Kabbalah Experience.Dr. David Franklin, Retired Anesthesiologist

  • I believe the understanding I now have through my study has given me a greater appreciation of the spirituality I practice in my life.Jamie Sarche, Speaker, Listener, Consummate Networker, Director of Outreach and Prearranged Funeral Planning, Feldman Mortuary

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