Base of Awareness

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Returning to the Tree of Life we learn the 11 Kabbalistic practices of awareness (Base, Core and Subtle). Base of Awareness focuses on four practices connected to the four lower Sefirot on the Tree of Life: The most basic awareness is mirror awareness- the practice of paying attention to what shows up in our life (Malchut). The foundational awareness is being in the present, which includes fully integrating both past and future in this moment (Yesod). The next practices of awareness help us to navigate the balance between acceptance for what is (Hod) and the pursuit of our intentions, what can be (Netzach).

This class is held weekly:

  • Wednesdays 1:30-2:45pm MT / 3:30-4:45pm ET (Class meets: Sept 20, 27, Oct 4, 11, 25, Nov 1, 8, 15, 29, and Dec 6 – No class Oct 18 and Nov 22)

Instructor: Melanie Gruenwald