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A Leg Up

by Dr. David Sanders It is not a question you will hear often: “Would you like to have my husband’s leg?” For the widow or widower, clearing out their dead spouse’s closets is part of the grieving process. The memories held in a favorite shirt or blouse, a suit for

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Refugees welcomed at kabbalah experience

We were also strangers.

by Melanie Gruenwald Transformative Kabbalah reminds us to pay attention to seen and unseen reality- to connect the finite to the infinite, and recognize how they are each held in the other. In our Soul class- we explore the Ohr/ infinite-light-energy that is sourced in creation and the Kotnot Or/

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gifting tree

The Gifting Tree

by Dr. David Sanders When he was 9 years old, Felix Finkbeiner planted a crab apple tree in front of his school. It was the culmination of his presentation on climate change. Inspired by a woman in Africa who had the vision to plant millions of trees, Felix  wondered if

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Light, Darkness, and Meow Wolf

by Melanie Gruenwald My family recently visited Meow Wolf, an immersive art experience that opened in Denver, September, 2021. Stepping into the exhibit was like traveling down Alice’s Rabbit Hole- a place where time and space were transcended. According to the Meow Wolf website, participants: Discover immersive psychedelic, mind-bending art

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you me infinity

Catching Up with the Kabbalist

by David Sanders My trajectory into the study of Kabbalah would not have been easily predicted. I grew up in a Jewish home and community that venerated the study of Torah and Jewish legal texts—the Talmud scholar was the pinnacle of one’s aspirations as a young man. Among my cadre

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Come and see blog

Come and See

by Melanie Gruenwald Come and see: Nefesh- lower arousal, cleaving to the body like the light of a candle. The lower light, which is black, cleaves to the wick, never parting from it, arrayed by it alone. Once arrayed by the wick, it becomes a throne for the white light

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