Becoming a Spark Seeker and Transforming Darkness Into Light

The Kabbalistic Call To Humanity & The Path To Living A Purposeful Life

A "Spark Seeker" comes from the kabbalistic idea that hidden within the primordial darkness of existence, there are nitzutzot - sparks of divinity. Our mission as human beings is to seek out, embrace and release these sparks into the world through our intention and our action - to become Spark Seekers.

In this class, Rabbi Dr. Baruch HaLevi, aka “Rabbi B,” will examine the origins of this kabbalistic idea, explore how they apply to all types of life’s darkness, and share practical applications of these principles when darkness descends within our lives. Join with Rabbi B and learn about the Kabbalistic notion of the Spark Seeker, why walking the Spark Seeker path will transform your life, and how cultivating Spark Seeker conscious will help heal our broken world.


$18 per person

Wednesday, January 29, 7-9pm

@Kabbalah Experience

About the Instructor: Rabbi Dr. Baruch HaLevi, known to everyone as, “Rabbi B,” is an ordained rabbi, having served congregations for eighteen years, most recently in Swampscott, MA, where he created the fastest growing synagogue in the Northeast, as detailed in his book, “Revolution of Jewish Spirit.” Rabbi B holds a Doctoral Degree in Ministry, is a motivational speaker, and serial, spiritual-entrepreneur, having founded multiple startups with the mission of repairing a broken world. Today, he is focused on Spark Seekers Ventures - guiding clients of all religions, faith traditions and backgrounds through Spark Seekers Grief Coaching and The Spark Seekers Grief Experience. He is also actively building “Soul Centered,” a physical and virtual platform and community for the growing, “spiritual not religious” population - a center focused on spirituality, meaning and healing.