Kabbalah Experience

The Journey of Kabbalah

Summer Semester

July 9 – August 29, 2018

Faculty & Staff

David Sanders

Dr. David Sanders

Founder and Executive Director

A teacher’s teacher, David combines over thirty years of experience as both a psychologist and Kabbalist helping guide people to a deeper awareness and fulfillment in their lives. His own transformation from religious studies to mysticism intrigued him to broaden the study of Kabbalah to practical spiritual growth—helping others to challenge their perceptions of the way they view themselves and the world. Through study and practice his students regularly change their perceptions and choose to alter or modify their behavior as a result of shifting their relationship with how they think and feel. As a teacher David does not just lead you to the water, he helps you see that there is water to be led to—the drinking of which still depends on you.

David maintains an active therapy practice, specializing in working with couples and families; he is the author of 2 books on mysticism and language and is co-authoring a book on creating new families after divorce. David sees psychological and spiritual growth as a continuum of learning and becoming more aware of the self and others. His creation of Kabbalah Experience is a way to enter into people’s lives from a different premise – spiritual learning and guidance that does not have a starting point of “my problem.”

He considers it his fortune to live with and learn from his wife Rita every day. With two sets of twins and an eldest brother life is rich for the whole family. The favorite compliment he has ever received is from a student who proclaimed in class: “What’s great about you is that you are so ordinary.” After apologizing (which there was no need) she explained that David shares so much of his own process and struggle with his students. It is indeed ordinary to recognize that we are all linked in this work together, the teacher becomes the student and the student becomes the teacher.

Rabbi Jamie Arnold

Rabbi Benjamin (“Jamie”) Arnold has been a student of mysticism, Buddhism, meditation and Kabbalah and the teachings of Mussar for more than 25 years. He has served as a congregational rabbi and teacher since 1997, and came to Congregation Beth Evergreen as their first full-time rabbi in 2005, recently celebrating his tenth year of service. Originally from Western New York, he also served Temple Sinai in Amherst, New York. Rabbi Jamie’s teaching draws on his experience as a spiritual practitioner, intensive learning with the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, talent as a musician and writer, and a deep-rooted commitment to fostering spiritual connections between us all. He is active in building bridges between communities as a member of the Evergreen Interfaith Group and immediate past President of The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado. Rabbi Jamie is a graduate of Kenyon College (1992) and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (1999), a husband, a parent of three young adult children, and an avid skier and mountain biker. He brings a caring heart, consummate knowledge, spirituality and passion to every class he teaches here at Kabbalah Experience.

Dr. Lorell Frysh

Lorell FryshLorell is a Transpersonal Psychologist and an Interior Designer, a particularly unique combination of skill and perspective that enables her to foster genuine transformation for her clients. She received her Doctorate in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA. Her doctoral studies focused upon interfaith spiritual counseling, transpersonal psychology and the development of consciousness. Lorell studied design at the American College of Applied Arts in Atlanta, GA.

She employs a wide range of traditional principles from the East (Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra) and West (Sacred Geometry and Principles of Design Harmony), and together with her clients vision, transforms both inner and outer spaces. She has spent more than thirty years exploring and studying the great spiritual, mystical and healing traditions of the world. These include Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism, Sufism, Jewish mysticism, Native American Shamanism, Zulu and Venda Shamanism and time with the KoiSan Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert. Her vast travels and love for the expressions of the world’s cultures continue to inspire both her Psychology and Design practices.

Susan Kaplan
Susan Kaplan

“I’m going to tell you what happened…. Listen carefully, but don’t listen with your ears. Listen with your heart – deep, deep in the center of your heart. In the deepest depths, listen, listen…”
-Reb Shlomo Carlebach

My being a teacher weaves listening practices and acting as an escort to guide you towards wonder, awe and your own landmarks. Communication as a Spiritual Practice, draws upon concepts & practices of both Kabbalah and Nonviolent Communication, creating a pathway to find Divine Sparks of Light hidden among the darkness and broken shards within our lives. A practice (vs. mastery) guides us to observe, prepare, rehearse and reflect over and over in a life-engaging manner, helping you to build bridges between the old self and the self you are growing and nurturing. Walking in nature provides us with a portal to meet mystery and spiritual essence that is within and around us all the time.

My background includes a Masters in Social Work, Public Administration and a Registered Yoga Teacher. In addition to this formal training, I am a candidate for Certified Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication®, an Affiliated Facilitator for Rocky Mountain Compassionate Communication Network, A Courage & Renewal Facilitator® – leading Retreats for Renewal of Spirit & Discernment, a Professional Storyteller & Story Listener® and Walk & Talk – using metaphors in nature to reflect our lives. My practice, entitled, Listening & Leading From Within® integrates many different formats for coaching, training, consultation, and facilitation. I have joyously studied Kabbalah under David Sanders’ guidance and within my own life unfolding. I help bridge worlds those worlds to discover opportunities to listen and live from spacious mind – where you are interconnected with that which is much greater than yourself.