Kabbalah Experience

The Journey of Kabbalah

Summer Semester

July 9 – August 29, 2018


Is Kabbalah Experience study for you?
It is understandable that you might be a little hesitant about starting your study at Kabbalah Experience. You might wonder – what exactly is Kabbalah and will my study at Kabbalah Experience be different than other learning? You may also wonder if you will feel fully welcome. “ I am half Jewish, I’m a lapsed Catholic, I am a practitioner of Buddhism, I am not well versed in Jewish learning or practice, I am young, I am transgender, I am an atheist, I have never explored spirituality” are questions that may have you wonder – will I be fully welcome and accepted? We are committed to receiving you as you are, beginner, explorer, seeker, doubter, critic, and we know that any preconception does not capture the complexity of your human experience.

What is Kabbalah?
Kabbalah is a body of mystical knowledge transmitted for some two thousand years, constantly evolving through those who study and struggle to understand its pragmatic wisdom. Some may extoll Kabbalah as an ancient wisdom, it is, and what makes studying Kabbalah exciting and fresh is not its longevity as much as its relevance to our modern sensibilities, science and spirituality.

Kabbalah emerges from Jewish tradition that seeks a deeper intuitive relationship with the “divine” while seeing the physical as a conduit to the spiritual. Through the lens of Kabbalah we see ourselves as uniting and elevating the spiritual and human – we are both spiritual beings on a human journey and human beings on a spiritual journey.

What makes Kabbalah Experience unique?
The heart and soul of spiritual learning at Kabbalah Experience is the method of study. Master teachers balance thorough presentation of the curriculum and facilitated discussion with a focus on growth for each student and for the class as a whole. Questions serve as a method to learn — to engage and perturb the mind to consider a shift in perception.

Establishing a classroom atmosphere of trust and respect allows students and teachers to explore and share their experiences, their triumphs and challenges in the personal growth they seek. Over time classes coalesce and transform from “students who have come together to learn” to a supportive conscious community “who learn with and from each other.”

Classes are designed to maximize both individual and class growth (up to 11 students and a teacher). We sit around a circular table to enhance participation and connection. Classes are typically 75 minutes for 10 weeks. Mini-classes are 75 minutes for 4-5 weeks and are designated by an (*)

How do I start? What is expected of me?
You are invited to ask questions and if it would be helpful set an appointment to meet and discuss any aspect of our school. We are not a degree granting institution but we are committed to enhancing your degree of awareness – which occurs if you take one class, join us for KE Live!, complete the four year curriculum or continue your practice beyond that. Each teacher will suggest additional study and reflection between classes. Preparation for class is your engaging with the teachings from the previous week – how stimulated or challenged you are to see yourself and the world around you from a new perspective. You can become as involved as you choose in the community aspect of Kabbalah Experience, connecting informally with fellow students, participating in more formal social groups, volunteering and attending events.

Kabbalah Experience is a not-for-profit, why?
We are mission driven and choose to re-invest our resources to expand our school and have a greater influence in our community. Our dedicated Board of Directors provides vision and leadership in guiding the growth of Kabbalah Experience. Your tuition covers about half of our costs and we rely on tax deductible donations to sustain us and grants to support special projects and organizational capacity building. We also offer students partial and full scholarships to allow everyone, regardless of financial ability, to benefit from studying at Kabbalah Experience.

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