Dr. David Sanders is the Spiritual Innovator who developed Kabbalah Experience. His teachings combine ancient mysticism, contemporary psychology and science – a unique form of “Transformational Kabbalah” - to guide “seekers” to a deeper understanding of purpose and what it means to be human.  Now, more than ever, people on the path of conscious development urgently desire to overcome the divisions and conflicts so prevalent in this age. Dr. Sanders often says, “We are not broken. We simply yearn to deepen our interconnectivity which is our natural state and our source of healing.”  While exploring the unseen reality of Soul, Space and Time, students of Kabbalah Experience gradually transform themselves in practical ways which improve personal relationships which in turn helps  community to evolve. As a Master Teacher and respected Psychologist of 30 years, Dr. Sanders has devoted his life to “Tikkun Olam” – repairing the world. It is a calling that attracts many others who are passionate about lifelong learning, social justice and healing.  Perhaps, you?

Tune in to FACEBOOK LIVE September 17 at 3pm ET/1:00pm MT / 12 Noon PT when Dr. Sanders will be providing an introduction to Transformational Kabbalah and creating a Kabbalah Experience FOR YOU.