Denver, Colorado, September 18, 2017…. Kabbalah Experience, the 12 year old, Denver-based school of mysticism and metaphysics, is now offering spiritual seekers access to its Core Curriculum via ZOOM Conferencing technology. This means that students can attend classes remotely from anywhere they have a high-speed Internet connection and device (computer, laptop, mobile phone).

While Kabbalah has traditionally been taught in the context of Judaism, a wide range of students have been drawn to Kabbalah Experience, which is open to all adults, regardless of faith tradition or belief in God. Kabbalah is a way of studying the dynamics in life that affect us but are unseen. Students explore concepts of soul, space, time, self-identity, awareness and consciousness.  Current students report benefits including: a profound sense of connection to something larger than themselves, breaking through barriers to growth, improved relationships, a clearer sense of place and purpose, and greater motivation to create conscious community.

Dr. David Sanders, founder and lead teacher of Kabbalah Experience, has been studying and teaching Kabbalah AND practicing psychotherapy for 30 years. He founded Kabbalah Experience in 2005 to make the teachings more accessible and inclusive to all serious seekers, who are curious and value personal and spiritual development.

The Fall semester of Dr. Sanders’ classes launch September 25th. Registration is open now. are now. Whether in-person or LIVE online, class size will be limited to 8-12 students to preserve the intimacy of spiritual learning while allowing a high degree of interaction with the teacher.Register and learn more about Kabbalah Experience at www.kabbalahexperience.com.