Fall Semester 2018

September 24 – December 7

While we feel that having background for each subsequent course is always helpful, you may take any course you like. Please note that the advanced courses require completion of the 4 levels of study. More information on registration and an overview of the levels of study can be viewed here.


Advanced Dreams & Kabbalah


The study of Kabbalah enables us to discover what is hidden from our perception in plain sight. In this introduction to the basic teachings of the Kabbalah you learn to see beyond habituated and constricted thinking and become open to experiencing the connectivity of all of created reality—what is known in physics as Quantum Entanglement, in Depth Psychology as Synchronicity and in Kabbalah
as Soul Connections.

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Advanced Dreams & Kabbalah


A key to consciousness in Kabbalah is the Tree of Life, a visual map of how infinite and finite flow into and from each other. We enter places, form relationships and pursue projects often with little understanding of how they come about, their meaning and the relevance of seeing beyond what manifests. In this introduction to the Tree of Life we learn about and then practice incorporating
this system of energy flow
in all our interactions.  

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Advanced Dreams & Kabbalah

Who are

In this first semester of Inner Transformation you are challenged to strip away your previous understandings of who you are and explore the relationship between your outer selves, inner selves and your essence. The Kabbalah teachings are profound  in revealing the masks (ie. selves, identifications, roles), you wear
to ensure that you can answer the question: Are you wearing the mask or is the mask wearing you?  

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Advanced Dreams & Kabbalah

Base of

Returning to the Tree of Life we learn the 11 Kabbalistic practices of awareness (Base, Core and Subtle). Base of Awareness focuses on four practices connected to the four lower Sefirot on the Tree of Life: The most basic awareness is mirror awareness- the practice of paying attention to what shows up in our life (Malchut). The foundational awareness is being in the present, which includes fully integrating both past and future in this moment (Yesod).  The next practices of awareness help us to navigate the balance between acceptance for what is (Hod) and the pursuit of our intentions,
what can be (Netzach).  

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○ LEVEL IV: Human Narrative Transformed 

Advanced Dreams & Kabbalah

The Human

What are the presumptive stories that set human beings in a hierarchical relationship that is both separate and above?  In what ways has religion and our notions of God contributed to this narrative? To see how we participate in these stories it is necessary to penetrate the stories of our human culture that have led to religious fundamentalism, racism, sexism, slavery, class inequality, species dominance, overpopulation and polluting the planet. Readings to be discussed include Sapiens and Homo Deus by Yuval Harari, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond,
and Kibbutz: Socialism’s Last
Stand by Joshua Muravchik.

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Advanced Dreams & Kabbalah


For students completing the 4-year curriculum advanced study reflects the creation of a conscious community committed to each other’s spiritual growth. Prompts that stimulate reflection and discussion come from teacher and student alike with life experiences being the catalyst
for the further practice of
deepening awareness. 

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Advanced Dreams & Kabbalah

Mussar and

Mussar is a path of contemplative practices and exercises that help you become aware of the habit patterns that stop you from fulfilling you fullest potential. Through your study of Mussar you identify and refine your character traits. While Mussar has its own language and integrity, it has many parallels teachings to Kabbalah. 

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