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June 29 - August 25, 2020

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June 24, 26-27, 2019

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○ Level I: Foundation Classes   

Soul: The study of Kabbalah enables us to discover what is hidden from our perception in plain sight. In this introduction to the basic teachings of the Kabbalah you learn to see beyond habituated and constricted thinking and become open to experiencing the connectivity of all of created reality—what is known in physics as Quantum Entanglement, in Depth Psychology as Synchronicity and in Kabbalah as Soul Connections.

Instructor: Melanie Gruenwald
Wednesday 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm, July 1 - August 19

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Space: A key to consciousness in Kabbalah is the Tree of Life, a visual map of how infinite and finite flow into and from each other. We enter places, form relationships and pursue projects often with little understanding of how they come about, their meaning and the relevance of seeing beyond what manifests. In this introduction to the Tree of Life we learn about and then practice incorporating this system of energy flow in all our interactions.

Instructor: Melanie Gruenwald
Thursday 8:30 am - 9:45 am, July 2 - August 20

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○ Summer Special Workshops

Please note: this is a single day 3 hour workshop.

Advanced Dreams & Kabbalah

Reincarnation and Kabbalah: The concept of soul transmigration was introduced into Judaism by the Kabbalah masters of France and Spain in the early twelfth century. We explore the philosophic, scientific and spiritual understandings of reincarnation followed by a guided group regression for access to prior life experiences.
Instructors: Dr. David Sanders and Bliss Holland

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○ Special Courses

Powers of 10, Then and Now: Ten sefirot in the Tree of Life.  Ten adults make a quorum for prayer (minyan).  Ten Commandments.  Ten plagues.  Ten trials.  Ten miracles.  Ten utterances brought the world into being. 

Ten fingers, ten toes.  Ten, ten, ten.

Why ten?  What are the powers of ten and why does it matter?

Join Rabbi Jamie in an exploration of the significance of the number ten in Torah, tradition, and today.

Instructor: Rabbi Jamie Arnold 
Wednesday 9-10:15 am, July 8 - Aug 19

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The Wisdom of Beauty: Join us for “an intimate look at an essential quality” drawing upon wisdom from Kabbalah, Musar, and more. What is Beauty? What role does beauty play in my life? Where can beauty be found and how can it be lived?

Together, in a series of seven conversations and experiential workshops with author-artist, J. Ruth Gendler, and rabbi-musician, Jamie Arnold, we’ll grow our capacity to look and listen, draft and craft a life that celebrates and embodies beauty in words and symbols, melodies and harmonies, images and experiences.

Instructors: Rabbi Jamie Arnold and J. Ruth Gendler
Wednesday 10:30-11:45 am, July 8 - Aug 19

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Mystical Hebrew Letters: The early Kabbalah focused on the Hebrew letters and language and how this code underlies creation. The beauty of the letters is expressed through their meaning, shape, name and numerical value. The Hebrew letters are containers for the energies of time, including the months of the year and the 12 Spiritual Senses of Soul explained in Sefer Yetzirah (The book of Formation). 

Instructor: Melanie Gruenwald
Monday 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm, June 29 - August 17

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Pirkei Avot and Social Justice:This course will seek to answer some of these questions by examining Pirkei Avot through the lens of social justice. Each week, we will look at some of the passages contained in this classic short book in order to explore the connection between the various sayings and advice given by scholars living 2,000 years ago and the ways in which we can use their teachings to change our own lives and, maybe, even make our world a better place.

Instructor: Sue Parker Gerson
Tuesday 7:00 - 8:15 pm, June 30-Aug 25

Faculty bio: Sue Parker Gerson is a Senior Associate Director for the ADL Mountain States Region serving Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. Prior to joining ADL, Sue worked in the field of Jewish Education and served for many years as the Colorado director of the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School and for four years as a Melton Regional Director. She earned her MA from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and is the co-author of Teaching Jewish History.

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Communication as a Spiritual Practice: Finding Divine Sparks of Light amongst the Shards of Darkness 

Inspirational teachings and spiritual practices from Kabbalah and Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg’s work) will provide a gateway into living deeper levels of compassion.  Unlearning habitual communication patterns, which continually separate you from yourself (self criticism) and others (anger, resentment, loneliness, etc.), opens up space to simultaneously learn new ways of compassionate beingness.  Here we shift from profound disconnections towards a higher quality of interconnection in our daily communication. Lived Compassion.

Wrestling together, we will identify our attachments to “brokenness” to “brokenness being a part of wholeness” within others (Tikkun Olam) and inside of our selves (Tikkun Ha’nefesh).

Instructor: Susan Kaplan, MSW, MPA, RYT
Thursday 1:30 - 2:45 pm


Faculty Bio: As a returning KE Faculty Member, Susan has taught Communication as a Spiritual Practice for over 5 years, and has communication skills and practices for over

30 years in a variety of settings.  As a life-long Jewish Mystic and a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, Susan has always lived between two worlds.  In integrating Kabbalah and Nonviolent Communication practices, she has created bridges between the worlds of our desire to truly live a more compassionate life with the realities of difficult and negative communication experiences.  In her integrative social work practice, Listening & Leading Within, LLC  she is a Coach, Trainer and Facilitator, providing individual & family coaching, restorative conversations & meditation, staff & leadership development and a wide variety of communication trainings. She teaches in the Graduate School of Social Work, is a Hatha Yoga Teacher and Professional Storyteller, has dirty hands from gardening, and enjoys her sunset walks with her Golden Retriever.

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Awakened Body: Join Rabbi Sara Brandes in an exploration of the sacred terrain of the body. By applying principles of Deep Body Listening, participants will explore the Kabbalistic Tree of Life from within their own bodies. Through meditation, journaling and open-hearted sharing, we will learn from one another and from the wisdom inside of us.

Instructor: Rabbi Sara Brandes
Tuesday 9:00 - 10:15 am, June 30 - August 18

Faculty Bio: Ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary, Rabbi Sara Brandes is a writer, teacher and healer who makes her home with her family in the north of Israel. Past Executive Director at Or HaLev: Center for Jewish Spirituality and Meditation, Sara teaches Judaism as a world wisdom tradition. A certified yoga instructor and mindfulness practitioner, Sara is author of Magical World: Stories, Reflections, Poems

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Kabbalah of Dylan: For over a half-century, Bob Dylan has written and sung songs that touch on every aspect of the human condition. Join musician Hal Aqua for an interactive 8-week journey into Dylan's work, viewed through the lens of the Sefirot energies of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Each week we'll sing and discuss Dylan songs that reflect the themes of the lower seven Sefirot, using biographical passages and critical commentary to amplify our insights. You don't need to be a Dylan scholar to enjoy this unique take on the work of a modern-day prophet!

Instructor: Hal Aqua
Monday 12:00 - 1:15 pm, June 29 - August 17

Faculty Bio: Hal Aqua fronts klezmer fusion band The Lost Tribe; serves as music director for B'nai Havurah, Denver's Jewish Reconstructionist congregation; provides songleading at Temple Micah; facilitates and provides music for life cycle ceremonies; and teaches classes, workshops and seminars on Jewish world music.

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Original Skin:We all wear masks. Many masks. Some masks are obvious. Many masks are not.  There are masks we are born with, we acquire, we do not choose. Masks are not pejorative. Masks conceal. Masks reveal. You will always be masked.  What is your relationship with your masks? Expand your awareness of masks. Are you wearing the mask or is the mask wearing you?

This day long retreat delves into the genesis of your personal and public masks. We use the stories from the Book of Genesis, as seen through the interpretive lens of Kabbalah, to take a deep and personal dive into the masks we wear. The first book of the Bible begins with the story of Adam and Eve taking on the “human” mask and ends with Joseph unmasking his true identity to his brothers.  Here are a sample of topics that reflect our own origin stories (masks) and those common masks we choose or are chosen for us. 

Faculty Bio: Dr. David Sanders is the Founder and Spiritual Director of Kabbalah Experience. He has taught the curriculum Who Are You for a dozen years to hundreds of students and is currently on sabbatical finishing a book on the topic, entitled: Original Skin.   

*This is a one day Intensive course*

Instructor: Dr. David Sanders
Tuesday August 4, 10:30 am - 3:30 pm MST

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Walking with Grief: A Mini-retreat-like experience with others who are experiencing loss

Breaking Open our Hearts – Learning to Walk with Personal Grief (July 14, 9am - 1pm)

Breaking Open our Hearts to Each Other – Collective Grief of our Times (July 21, 9am - 1pm)

Note:  There are two separate mini-retreats on personal grief and collective grief.  You can attend one of these or both.

Session 1: Breaking Open our Hearts – Learning to Walk with Personal Grief

We are remade in times of grief, broken apart and reassembled.”  ~ Francis Wheeler

Where do you stand in your own Tragic Gap of who you were and who you are becoming?   We will explore how to make our way through the “Silent Lonely Void”.  Reb Zalman taught that this is a place we each “crawl into . . . in order to just let your wounds be alone….because you can’t stand to be around and be vulnerable.  But being invulnerable also means not to be in contact.”  Using Kabbalah teachings, Nonviolent Communication and Courage & Renewal Practices, you will experience a safe & trustworthy space to explore your own questions without having to find “the” answer.  

Session 2: Breaking Open our Hearts to Each Other – Collective Grief of our Times

"There is nothing more whole than a broken heart.  If your own suffering does not serve to unite you with the suffering of others, if your own imprisonment does not join you with others in prison, if you in your smallness remain alone, then your pain will have been for naught.”    Chassidic Kotzker Rebbe

Join us as we walk the “dark places” together . . . to explore and be honest in your emotions, trusting that whatever arises, you will be able to hold it within our “zoom circle”.   Trusting our interconnectedness with the Great Mystery and each other, this will be an opportunity for you to bring your larger pains for the world, any losses that you have experienced, and the suffering & inequities you have witnessed during this pandemic.  Using Courage & Renewal practices and principles, we will create a safe and trustworthy container to explore our collective grief.

Instructor: Susan Kaplan, MSW, MPA, RYT
July 14 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
July 21 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Faculty bio: Susan Kaplan, MSW, MPA, RYT, has an integrative social work practice, Listening & Leading From Within, LLC, where she provides coaching, training and facilitation.   She works with individuals, families, teams, organizations, leadership and staff development, and community groups.  She is a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, a Courage & Renewal Facilitator (Parker Palmer’s work), a life long Jewish mystic, Hatha Yoga Teacher and a Professional Storyteller. Susan has had a variety of personal losses and has experienced the power of collective grief rituals, valuing mutuality, healing, and the collective practice of loving kindness and open heartedness. 

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○ Summer Exploratory Classes

Advanced Dreams & Kabbalah

To Choose or Not to Choose: Do we have free will and under what circumstances? Dr. Edith Eger, in her autobiography The Choice challenges us to find our unique human capacity to choose. We will explore her and other trauma survivors heroic choices, including the choice of self-forgiveness.
Instructor: Dr. David Sanders 

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Advanced Dreams & Kabbalah

Dream & Kabbalah: “A dream not interpreted is like a letter not read.” This quote is not from Freud or Jung but from the Zohar, the classic medieval Kabbalah text connecting dreams and our spiritual growth. We spend an average of 9 years dreaming. What do our dreams reflect to us of our experience? How are dreams guides for our emotional and spiritual development? Come and see the significance of dreams. Journaling and sharing your dreams helps you apply the Kabbalah dream framework. Instructor: Dr. David Sanders 

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Advanced Dreams & Kabbalah

Music of Leonard CohenThe deeper one listens, the more profound are the teachings of the cracks in his life, that is how the “light got in.” We will listen and learn from the depths of Leonard’s musings, music and meditations to find redemption through confronting the dark and broken places within us and our humanity.
Instructor: Dr. David Sanders 

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Advanced Dreams & Kabbalah

The Gifts of ImperfectionDr. Brene Brown’s teachings on vulnerability, courage, worthiness and shame, will serve as the text, and Kabbalah will serve as the commentary. We will engage together in this guide to living a whole-hearted life, weaving Dr. Brown's research and anecdotes, with the timeless teachings of Kabbalah. Instructor: Melanie Gruenwald  

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Advanced Dreams & Kabbalah

In Search of SoulThe popular series Shtisel (Netflix Original from Israel) featuring a religious family in Jerusalem serves as the lens for our exploring our own familial and personal masks. The show asks us to reflect on our loyalties to self and others and the challenges of  breaking free from ideology and habit. Instructor: Dr. David Sanders 

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