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    I found a huge part of the answer in -John Perkins: Economic Hit Man
    I saw the pattern he speaks off in the business circles I was a part off in Kuwait,India and the U.S.

    Summary of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

    Book summary: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
    Author: John Perkins
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    About John Perkins: Author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

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    I know I shared with my class my despair about my daughters situation. The class felt that she needed to save herself, and suffer the consequences of her desisions. But my daughter is half black and there is such a thing as a black reality vs a white reality and the two are really quite different from each other. James Baldwin’s movie- I am not your negro – really hits it on the nail. It…Read More

  • Just got back from the movie by Spike Lee on the KKK klan in Colorado Springs. You have the black church and then the anti christ white church, where the klans men are being blessed with sprinklings of holy water, with the red crusade cross other white robes, and they are at their anti christ church planning a bombing of a black rescidence. Colorado Springs with its Focus on the families…Read More

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    I spent three full days investigating this student loan conundrum…The U.S. currently holds $1.5 trillion dollars in student loan debt, and 50% of the students are in default…this bubble is much bigger than the current housing bubble. The cost of attending university has also tracked along a much higher ratio than the growth in medical costs, and is not really known to the american…Read More

  • I had a dream that my daughter came to visit me, and I received her with open arms. Well…She did come and visit me,soon after my dream, after not communicating with me for over 2 yrs. This on and off again relationship ,has been her pattern for years, as she sees me as competition,as she feels I never missed the mark in my educational aspirations as well as financial stability. I helped…Read More

  • In my dream I see 3 scales (made of brass)of justice being held by a man. The scale represent the weighing of evidence and are balanced to potrey that the evidence should stand on its own. One scale is life and intuition, the other is a globe and facts in the world of work, and the other is judgement, decision making in balance.

  • IN SEARCH OF THE CITY OF GOD – I am a student at the Kodaikanal American International Boarding school,in the lush hillstations of India.
    God’s country…a tropical paradise, with waterfalls and thick ever green rainforests. i really was a a boarder there,along with classmates who came from 30 different countries around the globe.
    The school had a charter, to make sure we students got…Read More