“Studying at KE had been life-enhancing on many levels. It has awoken me to mindfulness and awareness in all aspects of my life. I find myself exploring my spirituality with a sense of humor, as well as curiosity. I have become a real student of my “self” and that has made me a much better friend, partner, family member and mentor. I started with KE 5 years ago and although day-to-day I don’t sense my evolution, if I spoke with the Jeff of 5 years ago I think he would be very impressed with how far I have come.”
Jeff Suskin
Owner – DiningOut Magazines, Jui Jitsu and Yoga teacher.

“This study has reminded me about the joy that is to be found in life. After decades in the financial world where success is measured by the numbers you can tally at the end of the day, I thought it might be time to explore something more spiritual. The unexpected gift was my Kabbalah Experience classmates who answered the teacher’s big questions every week with their own questions and views. The snippets of their life journeys that they shared and their perspectives on the unanswerable questions have reminded me of the joy that’s to be found in life. It’s as if I’ve made the leap from shark tank to dolphin pool, without knowing it until it happened.”
Sue Allon 
Founder – Allonhill, Philanthropist, Tennis player

“It is no exaggeration to say KE has changed my life. I have been on a spiritual quest for some time. I grew up as an Episcopalian, and drifted away toward agnosticism. As I got older, it became important for me to find a spiritual home. Kabbalah Experience has opened up a whole new world to me. I am now able to see God in a way that satisfies me intellectually. And I am continually challenged to redefine my own concept of spirituality and my place in the universe.”
Kathleen O’Brien
TV Broadcaster and Creator – “Defy Aging: Grow Old. Be Happy.”

“Amid my peers of all ages and backgrounds, I have started to gain an awareness of the world in a new way. Each week as I set aside time to devote to learning the first concepts of Kabbalah, I look forward to an hour of deep thought and provoking conversation. The lessons stay with me as I start to integrate my learning into my everyday interpretations of the world around me.”
Susie Sigman

Sales, Marketing and Customer Success Professional

“Kabbalah study is a gift I give to my life. My Kabbalah Experience classes have been safe and thoughtful places to study and grow. I keep a journal filled with the wisdom shared by the most wonderful people in my classess and from our special teachers. When life presents challenges, I take out my journal and remind myself of the understandings Kabbalah Experience has helped me come to. I love the gift I give myself to be in this attentive and insightful space.”
Robin Glickstein
Market Researcher and Creative Thinker, Associate, Beetrix Research & Consulting

“I did not grow up Jewish, yet I find the information I’ve gained here is applicable to everything I’ve come to understand about my life. I came to Kabbalah Experience after studying the mystical traditions of all the other great religions. I had been intrigued by Kabbalah for some time, so it was just a matter of finding the right teacher. Here, there is a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere for someone who did not grow up in the Jewish tradition. The teaching style is stimulating but practical. I am delighted to have found Kabbalah Experience.”
Dr. David Franklin

“I believe the understanding I now have through my study has given me a greater appreciation of the spirituality I practice in my life. I find my Kabbalah class a wonderful place to connect with others — there is a bond that comes from learning together that is unlike any other. I’m happy to have a place to explore my spirituality, and a curriculum that gives me a framework for my beliefs.”
Jamie Sarche
Speaker, Listener, Consummate Networker, Director of Outreach and Prearranged Funeral Planning, Feldman Mortuary