Pass Over to Freedom with Kabbalah Experience

Explore the new Pass Over to Freedom Haggadah and its Seven-Week Journey to Transformation companion guide.

Pass Over to Freedom Haggadah
Omer Journal

Our journey from slavery to freedom is more than a physical journey, it is also a spiritual journey.

Bound and printed version of Pass Over to Freedom Haggadah available now on Amazon

Bound and printed version of Seven-Week Journey to Transformation Omer available on Amazon

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Nourishing Our Souls, a Kabbalah Passover Culinary Experience with Chef Alexis Sicklick

Sunday, March 21 1pm- 2:30pm MST/ 3pm – 4:30pm EST

The Essence of Identity Layered Charoset

A dish that evokes the comfort of the classic and that same idea of the Jews building with bricks, but with each layer corresponding to a different part of one’s identity. With the apple remaining at the center, it is like the true essence is always there, transported towards different directions thanks to the support of all the additions, both old and new.

Cheddar Tuile, Honey Hazelnut Butter, Caramelized Onions, Cinnamon Roasted Apples, Pomegranate Glaze, Lemon Zest

Escape and Revelation Endive Bulb in Vinaigrette

A dish that encompasses the themes of further noticing our identity, breaking away from habits, and allowing our emotions that are trapped between the different layers of ourselves to be refreshed by something bright but also bitter (the collection of our past tears that needs to be shattered along with overcoming our internal struggles to move forward). By slicing the bulb open and letting the vinaigrette seep through, we are reflecting, reminiscing, and liberating ourselves from the past (and escaping the confines we put ourselves in with our own personal limitations).

Belgian Endive, Spiced Citrus Vinaigrette, Horseradish Yogurt, Shattered Matzah

Ingredient and cooking equipment lists* will be provided in advance of the class, so you can cook with Alexis!

*You provide your own ingredients and supplies.

Chef Alexis is the chef and founder of Syncopated [Vegetable-Forward Cooking with a Rhythmical Flair], where she empowers you to cook to the ‘beet’ of your own culinary rhythm and take food in a truly personal, unexpected direction. With over 10 years of professional experience in some of New York’s top restaurants and a degree from both Cornell University and The Culinary Institute of America, she is grounded in a strong foundation but loves to break away whenever possible. Alexis is also enamored with spices and loves to take inspiration from her career, travels, and Jewish culture as she creates, always presenting fascinating dishes with an undeniably scrumptious twist. This past winter, Alexis self-published her debut cookbook, This Cookbook is for Dancing: A Taste of The Nutcracker, and she is currently offering online cooking classes in what she calls the Kitchen Sync along with customized virtual culinary parties and at-home dinners.

Suggested price: $10.00


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