A New Human Narrative

Guest Price: $325.00

A New Human Narrative: Can we change our presumptive stories and explore new narratives that lead to new ways of being human?  Thought leaders have looked at the need for paradigm shifts. Through Kabbalah teachings we will look at the shifts that are occurring and those that have yet to be imagined to create a new human narrative.

Readings include: The Collected Writing of Rabbi Abraham Kook, Paradigm Shift, by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Integral Spirituality by Ken Wilber, and New Consciousness: A Vision of the Kabbalah by David Sanders.

This class is held weekly: 

  • Thursdays 8:30 – 9:45am MST/ 10:30-11:45am EST 01/14 – 03/17

Instructors: Dr. David Sanders

Kabbalah Experience In Person Study Policies and Guidelines


With love and concern for high-risk community members and to comply with safety protocols at Kabbalah Experience, we kindly request that all students, staff and faculty who attend class in-person be fully vaccinated against COVID at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester (January 10): *