The Alphabet, the Psalms, and You

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The Alphabet, the Psalms, and You – Sound and Symbol, Word and Melody, Awareness and Attunement

The languages and poetic arts of Western civilization can be traced to a common a source, the Hebrew alphabet. This series offers a deep dive into the mysteries of the 22-letter Hebrew alphabet, immersing us in the living waters of Kabbalah and the Tree of Life. Equipped with this new way of relating to the letters, we will [re]examine the historical psalms, play with the poetic art of crafting new ones, and experiment with sound and chant.

Prerequisites: NONE! This is NOT like any “language” class you’ve had before. Some prior knowledge of the Tree of Life, such as the KE Space class, will be helpful but not necessary. Bring a journal, a writing tool, and an open heart-mind.

This class is held weekly: 

  • Friday 04/09 – 06/04 9:30am – 10:45am MST

Instructor: Rabbi Jamie Arnold {click for instructor bio}