Book of Psalms- Rabbi Jamie Arnold

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For centuries, practitioners from various faith traditions have turned to the Book of Psalms for inspiration and beauty, for solace and healing.  Yet, many modern readers find the psalms impenetrable — filled as it is with conventional, patriarchal and even militant images of the divine.  History tells us that the sages who compiled and composed much of the Jewish prayerbook [siddur] were kabbalists.  Why then did they draw so extensively on the biblical psalms?
In this new series, we will shine a fresh light on the Book of Psalms, interpreting this ancient poetry (especially its use of different names for God) through the wisdom of kabbalah.  We will also try our hand at both retranslating, reciting, and writing our own psalms.  Join us in the powerful practice of engaging the psalmists’ words (and some melodies) as tools for meditative introspection, wondrous expression, and intentional spiritual discipline.
No prior study of kabbalah or psalms is required.
Instructor: Rabbi Jamie Arnold
This class is held weekly.
Fridays 1/15 – 3/19

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