Communication as a Spiritual Practice

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Communication as a Spiritual Practice: Finding Divine Sparks of Light amongst the Shards of Darkness 

Inspirational teachings and spiritual practices from Kabbalah and Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg’s work) will provide a gateway into living deeper levels of compassion.  Unlearning habitual communication patterns, which continually separate you from yourself (self criticism) and others (anger, resentment, loneliness, etc.), opens up space to simultaneously learn new ways of compassionate beingness.  Here we shift from profound disconnections towards a higher quality of interconnection in our daily communication. Lived Compassion.


Wrestling together, we will identify our attachments to “brokenness” to “brokenness being a part of wholeness” within others (Tikkun Olam) and inside of our selves (Tikkun Ha’nefesh).  Grow in your practice of collecting Divine Sparks of Light.  Learn to lean into a soulful presence of the beautiful Dynamic Flow of Life that is happening in each moment.  This is a trauma informed series, inviting you to have choice and invitational focus in all activities.  These practices include:

  • naming what really matters 
  • new patterns of compassionate and life inspired communication even in difficult or challenging conversations
  • reducing reactivity when faced with “Shards of Darkness” in self & others 
  • needs/longings/values as a doorway into wholeness 
  • a fluidity of narrow mind & spacious mind
  • paradoxical practices of holding opposites of my needs and your needs, as our needs as never in conflict – it is our strategies!
  • more choice, a sense of fullness and sacredness in communication 

This class is held weekly

  • Thursday 1:30 – 2:45 pm, July 30 – August 20

Instructor: Susan Kaplan, MSW, MPA, RYT 

As a returning KE Faculty Member, Susan has taught Communication as a Spiritual Practice for over 5 years, and has communication skills and practices for over

30 years in a variety of settings.  As a life-long Jewish Mystic and a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, Susan has always lived between two worlds.  In integrating Kabbalah and Nonviolent Communication practices, she has created bridges between the worlds of our desire to truly live a more compassionate life with the realities of difficult and negative communication experiences.  In her integrative social work practice, Listening & Leading Within, LLC  she is a Coach, Trainer and Facilitator, providing individual & family coaching, restorative conversations & meditation, staff & leadership development and a wide variety of communication trainings. She teaches in the Graduate School of Social Work, is a Hatha Yoga Teacher and Professional Storyteller, has dirty hands from gardening, and enjoys her sunset walks with her Golden Retriever.

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