Deal Me In: The Kabbalistic Roots of Cards and Tarot Readings

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Bridge? Poker? Gin Rummy? Hearts? Spades?  What’s your favorite game?  Four Suits.  Thirteen cards per suit.  How many times have you picked up the now common deck of 52 playing cards?  Ever consider the origins of this beloved pastime?  In Tarot?  In Kabbalah?  The exact origins of Tarot cards are, like Kabbalah, somewhat shrouded in mystery, developing over time, often on the fringes of society.  And while a direct line of connection between Kabbalah and Tarot is difficult to prove, the parallels between the two systems are undeniable.  Explore the potent symbolism behind the four suits and the card numbers one to thirteen.  Consider your own personal journey and gifts in the light of twenty-two archetypes known in Tarot as the Major Arcana (and in Kabbalah as the Hebrew Alphabet).  Try your hand at a Tarot reading.  Unveil the history and potential insights hidden within a simple deck of cards.    

This class is held weekly on Zoom:

  • Wednesdays 10 – 11:15am MST, 07/14-09/01

Instructor: Rabbi Jamie Arnold

Special guest: Luke Colaciello


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