Reflected in the Stars: Kabbalah and Astrology

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(For those who have taken Torah of the Stars: An Introduction to Kabbalah and Western Astrology or have sufficient knowledge of astrology)

As above, so below. For centuries, mystics of all kinds have looked at the planets and constellations in the heavens as a mirror, reflecting to them an unseen reality. In this course, we will take a deeper dive into the connections between Kabbalah and astrology, attuning ourselves to the sky above. Rooted in Kabbalistic storytelling, we will learn how to use various astrological tools such as transit, synastry, and composite charts to explore the hidden connections between ourselves and the world around us—significant moments in our lives, soul connections with others, and even the seemingly mundane moments of our daily existence. Let us journey into the language of the stars and reflect their lights into our world.

This class is held remotely via Zoom Video conferencing only:

  • Tuesdays 10 am – 11:15am Mountain/ 12 noon – 1:15pm Eastern 01/11 – 03/15

Instructor:  Elisa Robyn, PhD and Luke Colaciello

With love and concern for high-risk community members and to comply with safety protocols at Kabbalah Experience, we kindly request that all students, staff and faculty who attend class in-person be fully vaccinated against COVID at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester (January 10): *

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