The Kabbalah of Dylan

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For over a half-century, Bob Dylan has written and sung songs that touch on every aspect of the human condition. Join musician Hal Aqua for an interactive 8-week journey into Dylan’s work, viewed through the lens of the Sefirot energies of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Each week we’ll sing and discuss Dylan songs that reflect the themes of the lower seven Sefirot, using biographical passages and critical commentary to amplify our insights. You don’t need to be a Dylan scholar to enjoy this unique take on the work of a modern-day prophet!

This class is held weekly:

  • Monday 12:00 – 1:15 pm, June 29-Aug 17

Instructor: Hal Aqua

Hal Aqua fronts klezmer fusion band The Lost Tribe; serves as music director for B’nai Havurah, Denver’s Jewish Reconstructionist congregation; provides songleading at Temple Micah; facilitates and provides music for life cycle ceremonies; and teaches classes, workshops and seminars on Jewish world music.

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