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Soul: The study of Kabbalah enables us to discover what is hidden from our perception in plain sight. In this introduction to the basic teachings of the Kabbalah you learn to see beyond habituated and constricted thinking and become open to experiencing the connectivity of all of created reality—what is known in physics as Quantum Entanglement, in Depth Psychology as Synchronicity and in Kabbalah as Soul Connections.

This class is held weekly:

  • Monday, 04/05 – 06/07, 3pm – 4:30pm MST (No class May 17 or 31)
  • Wednesday, 04/07 – 06/03, 1pm – 2:15pm MST

Instructor: Melanie Gruenwald {click for instructor bio}


Time: Do you understand time? It is not the seconds and minutes ticking by, or the days, weeks and years we live by—all of those are how we measure time. What then is the dimension of time that has so fascinated the inquiry of scientist and spiritual seeker? This Kabbalistic detective story unveils the greatest unseen reality: time and the present moment, experience it in the eternity of an eye-blink.

This class is held weekly:

  • Monday, 04/05 – 06/07, 12pm – 1:30pm MST (No class May 17 or 31)
  • Tuesday, 04/06 – 06/08, 12pm – 1:15pm MST (No class May 18)
  • Wednesday, 04/07 – 06/03, 9am – 10:15am MST
  • Thursday, 04/08 – 06/07, 12pm – 1:15pm MST

Instructor: Melanie Gruenwald and Rabbi Jamie Arnold {click for instructor bio}

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