Pirkei Avot and Social Justice

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“Torah-learning and life-living are interconnected.”

-Allison Cook and Dr. Orit Kent, Pedagogy of Partnership (PoP)

What is it about Pirkei Avot – “Ethics / Chapters of the Fathers” – that makes it so popular?

Why do tens of thousands of people study this little volume full of anecdotes by ancient rabbis every year?

What wisdom does it contain for us?

This course will seek to answer some of these questions by examining Pirkei Avot through the lens of social justice. Each week, we will look at some of the passages contained in this classic short book in order to explore the connection between the various sayings and advice given by scholars living 2,000 years ago and the ways in which we can use their teachings to change our own lives and, maybe, even make our world a better place.

This class is held weekly:

  • Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:15 pm – June 30- August 18

Instructor: Sue Parker Gerson

Sue Parker Gerson is a Senior Associate Director for the ADL Mountain States Region serving Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. Prior to joining ADL, Sue worked in the field of Jewish Education and served for many years as the Colorado director of the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School and for four years as a Melton Regional Director. She earned her MA from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and is the co-author of Teaching Jewish History.

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