Purim Project

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The holiday of Purim is a time when we remember and celebrate a man named Mordecai and his cousin Esther, who stopped a Persian plot by the wicked Haman to kill all the Jews in the land.

This festival includes eating triangle-shaped cookies called hamentaschen and dressing up in costumes and masks. The cookie contains a hidden, typically fruit filling, and is symbolic of the teaching that God/ the Divine was “hiding” behind the scenes, helping to orchestrate the saving of the Jewish people.

Similarly, we dress up in masks and costumes to symbolize that the unseen reality of divine interference was at play. It is a commandment (mitzvah) and custom to gift bags filled with treats including hamentaschen to commemorate this holiday.

This year, we invite our Kabbalah Experience community to participate in this tradition by ordering Purim treat bags (mishloach manot) to send as a gift. Each bag will contain hamenstaschen, materials to create your own mask, and other treats.

This is a fundraiser for Kabbalah Experience. We are grateful to Kristi Dinner for underwriting the Purim Project, so all proceeds can directly benefit Kabbalah Experience.


$18/ individual order

$100/ sponsor a class

$1000/ sponsor the project

Please order by Wednesday, February 10

  • Free delivery to the Denver Metro Area (zip code range (80012-80299). Outside of this area, shipping fees will apply.
  • Thank you for your support.

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