Soul & Tree of Life Streaming Series

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The Kabbalah Experience Legacy Series: Soul & Tree of Life

Course 1: Soul, Unseen Reality, Streaming Video

You will feel a growing curiosity and inner shift in perceiving what has previously been “unseen reality.”  Kabbalah’s core teachings center around the energetic layers of existence from the physical to the spiritual and the interconnectedness of all that is the ecosphere. You will see that “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.”

10 Streaming Video Classes

  1. The Meaning of Kabbalah
  2. The History of Kabbalah
  3. Numerology and Your Awake Number
  4. And There Was Light
  5. The Transformation of Darkness into Light
  6. Infinity and Finitude
  7. Cosmology and the Shattering of the Vessels
  8. The Unity of Creation
  9. Language as Code [and Metaphor]
  10. Miracles, Of Course [and Intention ]

Course 2: Tree of Life, Streaming Video

Kabbalah provides you a map for understanding the how and why of things manifesting in your life? The “Tree” comprises 11 energies that flow from the infinite to the finite (similar but distinct from the Chakra system). These energies, collectively called Sefirot, are guides to discovering how to move your creativity to actualization and the why behind what happens in your life and the lives of others. 

5 Streaming Video Classes

  1. Introduction to the Tree of Life: Energy Flow from Infinite to Finite
  2. The Triads: Intellectual, Emotional, and Instinctual
  3. The Vertical Flow from the Three Crowns: Pleasure, Faith, and Will
  4. The Flow Down the Tree of Life Toward Manifestation
  5. The Flow Up the Tree of Life to Story and Source
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