The Wisdom of Beauty

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Join us for “an intimate look at an essential quality” drawing upon wisdom from Kabbalah, Musar, and more. What is Beauty? What role does beauty play in my life? Where can beauty be found and how can it be lived?

Together, in a series of seven conversations and experiential workshops with author-artist, J. Ruth Gendler, and rabbi-musician, Jamie Arnold, we’ll grow our capacity look and listen, draft and craft a life that celebrates and embodies beauty in words and symbols, melodies and harmonies, images and experiences.


This class is held weekly:

  • Wednesday 10:30-11:45am (beginning July 8- Aug 19)

Instructors: Rabbi Jamie Arnold and J. Ruth Gendler

Writer and artist J. Ruth Gendler is interested in living in a world where people are more compassionate, creative, and lively. She is the author of three books: the award winning Notes on the Need for Beauty, the anthology Changing Light, and the long-time bestseller The Book of Qualities. Her art work, including paintings, drawings and monotypes, have been exhibited nationally. Gendler has worked as an artist in the schools and led creativity workshops for children and adults in a variety of venues for thirty years; she is an articulate spokeswoman for the importance of the arts in daily life and in education.


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