White to White Conversations

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Exploring cheshbon hanefesh/soul accounting around racial justice work series

How do you know when your ratzon/desire or will to engage in racial justice and anti-racist work does harm or blocks real change?

Anti-racist work is a process of untangling and unlearning from whiteness, in order to relearn learn how to be a reliable white ally.

Come learn how to enter into and stay in racial conversations. In our brave & trustworthy space, you will explore:

  • Questions you are afraid to ask
  • How white people have been harmed by whiteness & white supremacy
  • The unintentional harm of being a “Good White Person” and a “Good Jewish or Christian person”
  • How white guilt separates us from our self and others

Thursdays, 3pm – 4:15 pm  MST, Sept 24, 10/1, October 8, 15 (four-week session)

Instructor: Susan Kaplan

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