In Transformational Kabbalah there are no coincidences.
You are meant to be right here, right now.

The Kabbalah Experience Legacy Series

Course 1:  SOUL – Unseen Reality, Streaming Video

The Mysticism, Psychology and Physics of Transformational Kabbalah

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SHIFT what doesn’t serve you

FIND new meaning in everything you do

REALIZE your purpose

SOUL, introduces you to:

  • David Sanders, Psychologist and Master of Transformational Kabbalah;
  • the origins of Traditional Kabbalah mysticism; and
  • the unique teachings of Dr. Sanders which combine mysticism, psychology and quantum physics.

You will feel a growing curiosity and inner shift and as you learn to:

  • interpret mystical writings via word origins, metaphors and Gematriya (numerology);
  • expand your awareness of unseen reality, energy, parallels, synchronicities, and
  • be present to the array of life possibilities by releasing self-limitations.

What students say about SOUL

“Excellent! Appreciate being able to self-study and experience Kabbalah. Looking forward to and hoping to attend one of the live-courses in the future.” ~ Patricia Autry

Your path in life is NOT pre-ordained.
Your self-definition, your chosen actions, the relationships you’ve built, and all your experiences, up and down, have brought you to the present moment.

What you get:

10 Streaming Video Classes

  1. The Meaning of Kabbalah
  2. The History of Kabbalah
  3. Numerology and Your Awake Number
  4. And There Was Light
  5. The Transformation of Darkness into Light
  6. Infinity and Finitude
  7. Cosmology and the Shattering of the Vessels
  8. The Unity of Creation
  9. Language as Code [and Metaphor]
  10. Miracles, Of Course [and Intention ]

Value:  The in-person version of this course costs $275.  This NEW streaming version of the course is now available to you at an introductory price of $99.

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NOTE:  All proceeds of KE products support nonprofit operations and the continuing development and dissemination of Dr. Sanders’ teachings in a variety of forms.