Rosenbaum Teaching Fellows in Transformative Kabbalah

Kabbalah Experience is grateful to Jane E Rosenbaum for her leadership in underwriting the first three years of the Fellowship in honor of her husband, Stanton, of blessed memory. Stanton was a leader in the Colorado community- a model of a person who embodied ethics and strong values in all that he manifested, both personally and professionally. Stanton was a lawyer by profession and a student at Kabbalah Experience for many years, loved to learn, and to mentor younger people. His memory will be a blessing to all who are touched by this fellowship.

In Kabbalah, body and soul are tethered. Our task is not to untether them; it is to untangle them if and when they become knotted up. What are we untangling? Our over-identification with our physical bodies, feelings and thoughts, our affiliations, roles, identities and selves. All of these aspects are called clothing or masks. Spiritual maturity is found in altering our relationship with the “clothing” we inhabit and progressively being more comfortable in our own skin.

 David Sanders, Original Skin

Our world needs thought leadership to create a more aware and connected humanity.

Transformative Kabbalah is a world wisdom curriculum for the 21st century, integrating Jewish and other mystical paths with Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology and Quantum Physics. The classic text of Kabbalah, the Zohar, starts each of its teaching with Come and See because seeing is about experiencing a vision for the future. Come and See for yourself and become a change agent for transforming our world.

Kabbalah Experience, a non-profit center for adult spiritual education, has served the local community of Denver, Colorado, for fifteen years. Over one thousand people have benefited from taking its learner centered courses. During the Covid-19 pandemic, students from around the United States and the world joined together for live-study via ZOOM.

As Kabbalah Experience resumes in-person classes in Denver, its leadership wants to provide an opportunity for people to enjoy and benefit from Transformative Kabbalah in-person, wherever they may be located. To implement this vision, KE is launching a teacher mentorship program for individuals to teach the Kabbalah Experience curriculum in their local communities.

Starting in the Fall of 2021, the first cohort of teachers will begin their study toward a certificate in Transformative Kabbalah. Start spreading the news, transformation is arriving today. Be part of the change.

Meet Rosenbaum Fellows in Transformative Kabbalah: Cohort 1

Applications for Cohort 2 will be available Summer 2022

Scope of the Teaching Fellowship

This will be a 9-month commitment (36 weeks), starting October 2021.

You will participate in:

  • 1 hour 15 minutes weekly ZOOM group study with Dr. David Sanders
  • 1 hour weekly self or paired study
  • Ongoing Q&A with Dr. Sanders and teacher cohort

What you will study and be ready to teach: We will cover all six courses taught in the first two years of the KE curriculum. During the mentoring intensive you will integrate the two-year curriculum and understand the flow of study and the methodology of teaching.

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Soul (Intro to Unseen Reality)

Space (Tree of Life)

Time (Living in the Present)

Who Are You?

(Mask & Soul)

Why Are You?

(Metaphors of Your Life)

When Are You?

(Transforming Your Narrative)

Level I: Foundation courses are Soul, Space, and Time.

Level II: Inner Transformation courses are Who Are You?, Why Are You? and When Are You?

Self-study video series of Soul, Space, Time and Who are You? will complement your study with Dr. Sanders.


Dr. David Sanders, the Spiritual Director of Kabbalah Experience and the founder of Transformative Kabbalah will be your teacher throughout the teacher training and will be available for continued supervision following the completion of your certification.

Dates and Cost

Applications are due: 8/11/2021 by 5 pm MST

Applicants notified of interviews: 8/18/2021

Interviews will be held: 8/23-9/3/2021

Notifications of admission: 9/13/2021

Start classes: week of 10/4/2021

Cost: The total cost to you is $900.

The actual cost for the year-long mentoring is $1800. Grant funding will subsidize the cost. There is no application fee.


Who should apply?

Applicants should have at least five years of experience in formal or informal spiritual education.

We are seeking educators who:

  • Want to help people to transform their lives
  • Understand adult learning principles
  • Enjoy integrating wisdom from many sources
  • Have engaged in their own personal work
  • Are attracted to Kabbalah as a spiritual path
  • Have prior teaching experience
  • Practice, kindness, humility, an openness to ideas and people, good boundaries and a healthy balance between work and personal time
  • Reflect the diversity of our community (People of color, LGBTQI+, etc.)


The application process is currently closed. This page will be updated with the next application cycle in the summer of 2022. If you would like to be placed on an inquiry list, please email Mindy


Email: or call: (303) 337-0959

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