Transformational Teachings

What it’s like to learn directly from a Master?

It is akin to becoming a sacred vessel – from which you draw strength and wisdom every day of your life,
and can, over time, enrich the lives of your friends, family, community and the world.

Live Courses

During the Fall, Winter and Spring semesters, Dr. Sanders and Rabbi Jamie teach the Core Curriculum in person at the Kabbalah Experience school in Denver, Colorado. The courses are designed to take you on a progressive, spiritual journey through SOUL, SPACE and TIME. When registering, students have the option to participate in person or online via Zoom Conferencing Technology.

NEW STUDENTS are presented the history of traditional Kabbalah and introduced to Dr. Sanders’ unique form of Transformational Kabbalah, which is rooted in the 11 Principles of Awareness and combines traditional mysticism, contemporary psychology and quantum physics.

CONTINUING & ADVANCED STUDENTS explore personal masks and metaphors and the larger human narratives.  Awareness practices based on the Tree of Life further deepen and expand awareness. All of Transformational Kabbalah is focused on the application of study to living a more purposeful and intentional life.  

During the Summer semester, Dr. Sanders teaches courses that explore Kabbalah consciousness through art, music, and other forms of popular culture.

NOTE: All courses are kept purposefully small for the maximum personalization and interaction. Prospective students are encouraged to register early so as not to miss out. Discounts and scholarships are available.

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Self Study

For the first time in 30 years, the Transformational Kabbalah teachings of Dr. David Sanders (footer link) are being made available on-demand. Proceeds from these “products” augment private donations to make the Kabbalah Experience accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

NEW! Streaming Video Courses Thanks to generous donations Dr. Sanders’ teachings are being recorded and produced as The Legacy Series. The first course, SOUL, is now available on demand, to be studied at your convenience, any time, anywhere. 
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NEW! The 11 Awareness Principles are now available as an inspirational POSTER. Keep your awareness high by placing the principles in a highly visible place for daily contemplation. An inexpensive but meaningful gift – to yourself and those you love. 
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COMING SOON: Dr. Sanders’ Podcasts – featuring Kabbalist interpretation of your questions and concerns, as well as interviews with other Spiritual Leaders and Mystics


Kabbalah Experience often collaborates with other spiritual and personal development organizations to create conscious community. Until now, most of the events have been in Colorado. Soon, we will also be offering streamed events and webinars for KE students to join other spiritual seekers.

Recent gatherings have been co-created with:

  • Shambhala Meditation Center
  • Musician / Composer Yuval Ron
  • Recording Artist Ellis Delaney
  • Mile Hi Church and Unity Spiritual Center

Check out upcoming events.