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Inner Transformation

The Kabbalah teaching of masks and essence (soul) helps you peel away your understanding of identity, roles, and selves. We explore the the stories behind the masks, the metaphor level of our lives, with practical work to transform the stories to ones that serve us best for our lifework and relationships. We recommend that you take these classes in sequence.

Who Are You?: In this first semester of In Inner Transformation you are challenged to strip away your previous understandings of who you are and explore the relationship between your outer selves, inner selves and your essence. The Kabbalah teachings have a profound interest in revealing the masks (ie. selves, identifications, roles), you wear to ensure that you can answer the question: Are you wearing the mask or is the mask wearing you? What was oblivious now becomes obvious.

This class will be offered on-line and in-person.

  • Mondays 9-10:15am MT (9/12,9/19,10/3,10/24,10/31,11/7,11/14,11/28,12/5,12/12)

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We return to the Tree of Life (Space) and focus on the “abstract” story level of our lives through engaging in metaphor work. The key to this inquiry is the realization that we are all living inside of the metaphors (stories) we have created or have been created for us with the practical implication of choosing, modifying or changing those stories.

Course not offered Fall 2022.

The Kabbalah teaches us to find a balance between our memories of the past and living in the present and to plan for the future but not live in the future. “This hour and this moment in which you stand never existed before. Who knows what can be attained now?” Time is revisited as we work on a personal relationship with living in the present moment through the metaphors identified in Why Are You?

This class is held in person and online.

Course not offered Fall 2022.

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