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Tree of Life

Introduction to the Tree of Life
Dr. David Sanders

This poem, a 2,000 year old description of Ten Sefirot is the basis for the Tree of Life –a map of the flow of…

Science of Mind Magazine

Finding the Parallels: An Ancient Practice in Today’s World By Julie Mireau, ScienceofMind.com

The key prayer — the Shema, said daily — is framed as: “Pay attention, God’s Name is One,”…

Sefaria img

Melanie Gruenwald's Sheets on Sefaria
for Additional Texts and Resources

Flower Field

Awareness Practices

Awareness 1: The most basic awareness principle is to pay attention to who and what shows up…

Tu B'Shevat seder cover

Tu B'Shevat Seder
by Dr. David Sanders

The Tu B’Shevat Seder guides us through the mystical four worlds, as we explore and celebrate the New Year of the Trees on the Jewish calendar.

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