Community (Kehilah/קהילה)

KE is stronger because of the people in our community. The organization exists because of its students, faculty, volunteers and employees. We strive to build strategic partnerships with local and national organizations which are mission-aligned. We are healthier as people, and as an organization, because of our connections with one other.

Learn from Everyone (Lomed M’kol Adam/ לומד מכל אדם)

KE’s unique pedagogical approach reflects this core value- The student becomes the teacher, and the teacher becomes the student. KE leadership & faculty are continuously learning and growing from students and our community.

Pursue Justice (Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof/ צדק צדק תרדף)

KE recognizes its role in leadership, modeling and practicing the pursuit of justice in our communities and for creating a more just and equitable society. This value is reflected in KE’s curriculum and commitment to action.

Inclusion and Human Dignity (B’tzelem Elohim/ בצלם אלוהים)

KE recognizes all human beings are created in the image of the Divine. KE values an inclusive environment for all people, regardless of their faith, age, race, gender, gender identity, ability, education level, political affiliation, income, language, or sexual orientation. This applies to students, staff, volunteers, supporters, vendors, partners, and others with whom the agency interacts. (adapted with permission from JFS Denver)


At Kabbalah Experience, we strive to create a transformative space that embraces the principles of inclusivity, justice, and human dignity. Drawing inspiration from the teachings of Kabbalah, we are dedicated to building an organization that truly reflects the richness and diversity of our community and extends beyond its boundaries. We celebrate and honor individuals from all walks of life, valuing the mosaic of races, ethnicities, religions, denominations, gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities, and national origins all of which contribute to our collective tapestry.

As torchbearers of a safe, engaged, and inclusive community, we acknowledge and take accountability for challenging and transforming biases that have perpetuated inequity and hindered a sense of belonging. At Kabbalah Experience, we steadfastly commit to aligning our work with our core values, nurturing an organizational culture that champions diversity, equity, racial justice, and belonging. We actively identify opportunities for growth and learning, implementing necessary changes to our processes, policies, and initiatives both internally and in collaboration with the broader community. Together, we co-create a harmonious environment where the wisdom of Kabbalah enriches lives, fostering interconnectedness and unity amidst our unique journeys.