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Transformational Kabbalah

For seekers of spiritual growth and knowledge who want to transcend limitations and realize practical benefits, Kabbalah Experience’s unique teachings of Transformational Kabbalah offer the opportunity to…

  • Experience life richly in the present moment
  • Increase compassion and personal peace
  • Bring positive change to your life and a troubled world

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The Eleven Awareness Practices of
Kabbalah Experience

  1. Pay attention to what shows up as a reflection of what you still need to learn and grow into.
  2. Be present to the moment. This includes fully processing emotions that come from the past and how plans for the future impact your present living.
  3. Accept reality as it is. Live with a deep sense of gratitude. Seek and offer forgiveness in your everyday experiences.
  4. Live by setting intention. Be open to possibility—one door closing opens another. Measure success by effort not by outcome.
  5. Hold opposites and recognize that those qualities you may judge in others are mirrored in you. Seek common ground with others.
  1. Set limits to access greater intimacy and focus in your relationships.
  2. Expand your concern and love for the “other”.
  3. Recognize the multiplicity of masks you wear (so they don’t wear you).
  4. Perceive and understand the metaphors that underlie your life choices.
  5. Witness the masks and metaphors and enter a state of no-thingness.
  6. Flow in the paradox of being and non-being in every moment.

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