Hineni, Hineni

Hineni tattoo

by Melanie Gruenwald According to the Torah reading over Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year)- Abraham is called on by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Abraham’s response to God …

Changing the Narrative

Blog Silverberg funeral

by Dr. David Sanders “And God said to Eve, ‘It is not good that you should be alone, I will give birth to a man so that you will have …


The Masks of Simone Biles

blog simone biles

by Melanie Gruenwald Simone Biles, the 24- year old GOAT (Greatest of All Time) world-champion gymnast, withdrew from the Olympics this past week. After concerns about a physical injury, we …

Who is on First, that’s right

blog who is on first

by Dr. David Sanders Who is on first, that’s right. When: Who is he or Who is she or Who is they. When then: Who was he Now is she. …



blog unlearning

by Dr. David Sanders To unlearn something, by definition, means that you have learned something already and that to one degree or another you have committed to it. Innovators and …


Sanctuaries in Time

moon phases

by Melanie Gruenwald Today we celebrate Rosh Hodesh Tammuz, the beginning of the month of Tammuz on the Jewish calendar. Jewish time is marked by the cycles of the moon. …


Waking the Dead

blog waking the dead

by Dr. David Sanders A mother who never met her newborn son. She died in childbirth. That woman would have been my grandmother. I once met her husband. He would …