Counting of the Omer: Day 15- Chesed of Tiferet

Omer Day 15

Today is day 15 in the counting of the Omer- How might we practice expansive lovingkindness (chesed) in our practice of manifesting harmony and balance (tiferet)? Download your personal Omer …


Next Year in Person

Blog Image next yr in person

by Dr. David Sanders What is it like to meet someone in person who you have only spoken with over the phone, chatted with via text or seen on a …


My Spiritual Journey

Product Pass Over to Freedom Cover

by Melanie Gruenwald In early 2020, before we realized COVID was a pandemic, before we spent a year with limited physical and social interactions, David Sanders published Pass Over to …


The Infinite Gambit

blog image Queens Gambit

by Dr. David Sanders Along with some 100 million viewers we watched The Queens Gambit this past year. The title refers to the opening sacrifice Beth Harmon, the aspiring queen …