Let’s Remake the World with Words

by Melanie Gruenwald “Let’s remake the world with words” Written by Gregory Orr   Let’s remake the world with words. Not frivolously, nor To hide from what we fear, But with …


Writing on the Mirror

writing on the mirror

My husband and I have a quirky habit. We write notes on our bathroom mirrors with dry erase markers. This is a nice way to give a little love note …


My Brother George

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by Dr. David Sanders I wash my hands both night and day To keep the spread of COVID at bay For 20 seconds I lather, rinse and clean This has …


Counting Up

by Melanie Gruenwald At the beginning of April, we began counting the Omer, the 49 days between Passover and Shavuot. As we count each day of the Omer, we are …

Mile High, Mile Wide

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.


The Masks We Wear

“Are you wearing the mask, or is the mask wearing you?” In our second year course on Masks: Who are you?, we explore the many layers of masks we wear- …


The Plague

The Plague

by David Sanders I have a thin monograph of The Plague, by Albert Camus, in my bookshelf for some 40 years. Set in the spring of 1947 in a town …


Kindness is a Chain Reaction

What do yawning, laughter, enthusiasm, and kindness share in common? They all can be referred to as infectious.  Neuroscientists have measured through brain scans the contagious impact of viewing others …


For Koby, who always found Light in Darkness

Koby Gruenwald (z"l)

One of the beautiful arrangements of my teaching schedule this semester, is that I teach ‘Soul: Intro to Kabbalah’ of the Year 1 curriculum immediately before ‘Masks: Who are you?’, …


The Accuracy of Being Happy

Does it matter so much about the accuracy of recollections or more about the impact of what happened? Every year, around this time, I listen to Martin Luther King’s final …