Our Mission

Kabbalah Experience is an inclusive and open spiritual learning center rooted in Jewish mysticism with branches in contemporary thought and modern sensibility. Kabbalah Experience provides curriculum, classes, and special events to help people access the wisdom of Transformative Kabbalah and live with greater awareness, connection to themselves, others, and the world.

Our Vision: Transforming individuals. Transforming communities.  Transforming the world.

KE Board of Directors, Summer 21

Why Kabbalah

Why Are We:

We seek to shape our world into a more harmonious, egalitarian and peaceful planet. The Tree of Life, the central map of the Kabbalah teaching culminates in “manifestation” because spiritual practice and learning is best expressed when you walk your talk. Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” implies two important messages: First, don’t shirk from your responsibility to make the world better. As is stated in Jewish tradition: Do your part even if you can’t get it all done. Second: See the change that is needed in you to make the world better. As is stated in Kabbalah tradition: You are the project, not your projections.

Who Are We:

We are ordinary people from diverse backgrounds dedicated to experiencing our amazing light and seeing clearly our challenging blind spots. We are all student-teachers (our teachers are life-long learners and our students share their wisdom and shape the curriculum) dedicating ourselves to a deepening awareness of the masks we wear and the stories we live in.

When Are We:

We try to be present in this moment by respecting the past and its influences and envisioning a meaningful future. We are present to the energies of space and time, the rhythm of the seasons and the seasons of our life. You can find us in class, in person or via videoconferencing, Mountain Standard Time, or in your present moment, through our self- study portal.

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Eleven Awareness Practices

1. Attend to what shows up as a reflection of what you need to learn and grow into. (Malchut)

2. Be fully present to what is present and integrate past and future into this moment. (Yesod)

3. Accept reality as it is. Let go of regrets and resentments and be grateful. (Hod)

4. Set intention and overcome obstacles. Remain open to possibility. (Netzach)

5. Hold opposites and find common ground. Be compassionate and seek forgiveness. (Tiferet)

6. Set boundaries for greater focus and intimacy. (Gevurah)

7. Expand your concern, caring and love for all who exist in the ecosphere. (Chesed)

8. Recognize all the masks you wear so they don’t wear you. (Da’at)

9. Understand the metaphors that underlie your stories and life choices. (Binah)

10. Witness the creation of story from no-thingness and release your attachments. (Chochmah).

11. No more questions. No more answers. Being is wordless. (Keter)

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