Our Mission


In the 13 years since Kabbalah Experience was founded, David has changed the lives of 1300+ students, by sharing his deeply empowering and practical teachings in courses held mostly in the Denver area. It is the heartfelt desire of his students, co-teachers, Board members and passionate supporters to make his legacy, the sharing of these teachings to a global community, to heal our troubled world.

New Vision

We outreach to a diverse audience of wisdom and spiritual seekers and educate them with Dr. David Sanders’ unique teachings of Transformational Kabbalah, so they can realize their purpose in life, contribute to the well-being of family and friends, affect positive change in their communities, and ultimately, radiate peace to the world.


While continuing to place a priority on community-building – both in person and online – KE now distributes David’s teachings through a broad range of educational forms and delivery systems in recognition that our students have different learning preferences and styles.