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Transforming the Human Narrative

Awareness has a purpose beyond personal enlightenment: it leads to greater concern for others and to be engaged in the political, ethical, and moral affairs of the world. Uncovering the big-picture stories of humanity and what maintains them, offers insight into creating new narratives for the evolution of consciousness. We hear a call to action for small and large change on a personal and communal level. We recommend that you take these classes in sequence.

What are the presumptive stories that set human beings in a hierarchical relationship that is both separate and above?  In what ways has religion and our notions of God contributed to this narrative? To see how we participate in these stories it is necessary to penetrate the stories of our human culture that have led to religious fundamentalism, racism, sexism, slavery, class inequality, species dominance, overpopulation and polluting the planet. Readings to be discussed include Sapiens and Homo Deus by Yuval Harari, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond, Kibbutz: Socialism’s Last Stand by Joshua Muravchik

This course not offered Summer 2024.

Can we change our presumptive stories and explore new narratives that lead to new ways of being human?  Thought leaders have looked at the need for paradigm shifts. Through Kabbalah teachings we will look at the shifts that are occurring and those that have yet to be imagined to create a new human narrative.

This course not offered Summer 2024.

How do we put into practice the vision of a greater consciousness put forward by the Kabbalists? Tikkun Olam- the repair of the world- assumes that there is a need to address the imbalances created by the human narrative and actualize social change. We will look at those who are advocating and implementing change globally and locally which inspire us to commit to changes we can make in our lives- individually, with family, and in our communities.

This course not offered Summer 2024.

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