Kabbalah Experience

The Journey of Kabbalah

Spring Semester

April 2 – June 8, 2018

Crossing the Tight Rope

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My daughter who is an expert skier recently joined her home mountain as an instructor and assistant in the race department. Her first call home was “Mom, WE instructors get free coaching! I haven’t been coached in years, I can’t wait.” Gratitude to the teachers of the teachers and their teachers before them.
L’dor V’dor


Indeed! Our teaching does rest on the shoulders of those teachers from whom we have learned. As a teacher, I believe that I construct a bridge of knowledge and awareness, then invite my students to cross that bridge. My “structure” provides ideas and knowledge. The students “crossing the bridge”, cross it and integrate their own newly found information about their experiences; colored with what they already know and what they have learned (when and after they have crossed). As my students “cross the bridge” I have built, I also have and continue to “cross the bridges” of my teachers.