Embodying the Tree of Life

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March 19 - June 11, 2024

13 Sessions

Session Length: 1.5 hours

13 Participants Welcome

Participants are asked to complete a short questionnaire as part of registration. 

About This Course

Kabbalah Experience and Rooted Expansion are inviting you to join in this unique collaboration between master kabbalist Dr. David Sanders and embodied spiritual pioneer Jenna Sezionale Basilicato on a 13 week journey this Spring through the Tree of Life. As a certified Tree of Life practitioner, you will come into greater wholeness enabling you to serve, teach, and facilitate with greater Presence. We will explore the Tree of Life energy system through the framework of our bodies. This embodied wisdom will illuminate the flow of energy that moves from both unseen to seen reality and from the finite to the infinite. When the flow of energy is understood and realized, awareness and agency are unlocked, enabling the possibilities of manifestation and the freedom of liberation. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us, as above so below, as within so without. Balance will be an essential part of our journey as the Tree of Life models the practice of finding wholeness through the holding of polarities. Holding opposites enlarges our containers to have more honest and direct relationships with all aspects of ourselves, others, and the world we are constantly creating.

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Through this Certification Course You Will Gain:

  • An expanded sense of Self and the ability to hold and balance polarities.
  • Ability to be of greater service to others in their embodied spiritual growth.
  • Language, methodology, and meditative practices to incorporate into your work with clients and yourself.
  • Practices that fine tune your base, core, and subtle awareness.
  • An increased readiness and ability to see beyond projections.
  • Integrated systems thinking of parts to whole and whole to parts.
  • The Tree of Life as a manifestation and liberation tool.
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Course Details:

  • Thirteen 90 minute sessions.
  • Two 1:1 sessions, one with each facilitator.
  • Homeplay invitations such as inquiries, journaling prompts, sample videos and integrative practices to explore between sessions.
  • Guided awareness based mantra meditations.
  • A Whatsapp container to stay connected and integrate session learnings inbetween sessions.
  • Dyad work to deepen knowledge and relationships within the container.
  • Final project presentations demonstrating knowledge and skills in the embodied practice of the Tree of Life.

Who is this Practitioner Training for?

This course is for practitioners seeking to integrate the methodology of the Tree of Life Energy System in their own lives and in the spiritual practice and awareness of their clients. Those who sign up for this course may or may not have studied Kabbalah but have a background or a strong curiosity towards the embodiment mystical teachings of any tradition. Graduates of this certification course have a deep desire and dedication to their own spiritual path and to share that through service to others.

Meet The Team

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Founder and Spiritual Director of Kabbalah Experience

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Co-Steward, Intuitive Coach, Guide, Doula, & Facilitator

Learn, Heal, & Serve in Community

david sanders
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