Kabbalah Experience Hosts Kabbalah Intensive for Rabbis

Kabbalah Rabbi Class

Rabbis from the Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Council participated in the first Kabbalah Intensive for Rabbi’s course offered by Kabbalah Experience. Over the 4 weeks, 12 Rabbis learned with Dr. David Sanders, Executive Director of Kabbalah Experience.  The Kabbalah Intensive allowed the Rabbis to see the connections between the spiritual teachings of Kabbalah and traditional Jewish thought.

Rabbi Elliott Baskin said, “One of the nice things about your approach is that not only is it academic, it is also very personal. Integrating Kabbalah and psychological insights adds a whole different dimension.” Rabbis stated that it was a good introduction to a topic of Jewish learning that they were not previously exposed to and expressed an interest in continuing to study Kabbalah this coming year.

Kabbalah Experience is located at the Goldberger Center on the Hebrew Educational Alliance Campus. It is an open and inclusive learning community committed to encouraging individual spiritual growth through the study and application of Kabbalah’s insights into the parallels between physical and spiritual reality.

For more information or to learn more please contact Kabbalah Experience at 303.758.8996 or visit them online at www.kabbalahexperience.com.

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