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The Tree of Life, composed of eleven energies called Sefirot, is the central spiritual map of Kabbalah. In Transformative Kabbalah©, the Tree of Life becomes a pragmatic guide to the daily practice of spiritual awareness. Each Sefirah is designated by name, color, energy and an awareness practice. Inspired by the photography of one of our students, Michael Charney, we aligned the images he gathered to the Sefirot and their corresponding awareness practices. If you are interested in ordering individual prints of these images, Michael has offered to coordinate with you. He is generously donating all proceeds from the prints you purchase to Kabbalah Experience. Please contact Michael at with inquiries.

We hope you find meaning in these cards, and choose to share them with friends.

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12 5X7 cards and envelopes, printed on cardstock with high quality photos, and descriptions of the Sefirot (Tree of Life)

The Eleven Awareness Practices of Kabbalah Experience

  1. Attend to what shows up as a reflection of what you need to learn and grow into. (Malchut)
  2. Be fully present to what is present and integrate past and future into this moment. (Yesod)
  3. Accept reality as it is. Let go of regrets and resentments and be grateful. (Hod)
  4. Set intention and overcome obstacles. Remain open to possibility. (Netzach)
  5. Hold opposites and find common ground. Be compassionate and seek forgiveness. (Tiferet)
  6. Set boundaries for greater focus and intimacy. (Gevurah)
  7. Expand your concern, caring and love for all who exist in the ecosphere. (Chesed)
  8. Recognize all the masks you wear so they don’t wear you. (Da’at)
  9. Understand the metaphors that underlie your stories and life choices. (Binah)
  10. Witness the creation of story from no-thingness and release your attachments. (Chochmah).
  11. No more questions. No more answers. Being is wordless. (Keter)

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