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Our world needs thought leadership to create more aware and connected humanity. Transformational Kabbalah is a world wisdom curriculum for the 21st century, integrating Jewish and other mystic paths with Neuroscience, Psychology, Sociology, Biology and Quantum Physics. The Zohar starts each of its teachings with Come and See because seeing is about experiencing a vision for the future. Come and See for yourself and become a change agent for Tikkun Olam, transforming the world.

Applications are now being accepted for Fall 2020 for qualified spiritual educators to be mentored as certified teachers of Transformative Kabbalah.

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Scope of the Teacher Training

This is a 36-week commitment, starting Fall 2020.

All classes will be offered on ZOOM videoconference
1 hour 15 minutes live group study/ week
1 hour 15 minutes self and paired study/ week
What you will study: We will cover the following courses in 12-week modules:

  • Module 1: Soul (Intro to Unseen Reality) Space (Tree of Life) Time (Living in the Present)
  • Module 2: Who Are You (Mask & Soul) The Kabbalah Path (11 Awareness Practices)
  • Module 3: Why Are You (Metaphors of Your Life)

To enhance your understanding of the flow of study and practice of Transformative Kabbalah the teacher training combines the Foundation and more advanced courses, integrating three years of curriculum. You will be prepared to teach a total of nine courses.

  • Foundations (Year 1): Soul, Space and Time
  • Inner Transformation (Year 2): Who Are You?, Why Are You? And When Are You?
  • The Kabbalah Path (Year 3): Base, Core and Subtle Awareness

Teaching Videos of the curriculum are required viewing as an adjunct to your study with Dr. Sanders.


Dr. David Sanders, the Spiritual Director of Kabbalah Experience and the founder of Transformative Kabbalah will be your teacher throughout the teacher training and will be available for continued supervision following the completion of your certification.

Dates and Cost

Class dates:

Classes will be held online from 10/5/2020 through 6/25/2021

Tuition and fees:

Cost: $1800/ student. Scholarships are available.

Tuition will be divided into 3 payments over the course of the program.


Who should apply?

Applicants should have at least five years of experience in formal or informal spiritual education.

We are seeking educators who:

  • Want to help people to transform their lives
  • Understand adult learning principles
  • Enjoy integrating wisdom from many sources
  • Have engaged in their own personal work
  • Are attracted to Kabbalah as a spiritual path


All applications must be received by end of business day, August 18 5 pm MST

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Applications due: 8/18/2020

Interviews: 8/31-9/10

Notifications: 9/14/2020

Start classes: 10/5/2020


Email: or call: (303) 337-0959

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