Transformations: Kabbalah Experiences through Art

I want to encourage your participation in our transformations art exhibit, starting this Thursday, June 21 at the Niza Knoll Gallery.  Niza will tell you that her participation in the KE class Cultivating Your Inner Artist led her to the idea of buying space to create a gallery. Flash forward to this June, Niza is offering her space to artists whose art has been influenced by study in Kabbalah Experience classes.

The artists represented create in a variety of mediums—and some are still not complete—new work is being generated for inclusion in the show. You will be in awe at the beauty and quality of work represented by our artists.

My Kabbalah teacher points out that art is about, “one’s desire to leave a personal imprint upon the world.”  His definition of art could lead to a rather broad view of what we would consider as art. In an article on the Torah Academy my teacher outlines that the artistic endeavor, taps the deep strivings of the inner self housed in the realm of the crown.”

My teacher continues, “The artist’s aesthetic sense reflected in each individual’s unique style of expression lends an intrinsic beauty and grace to all the conscious endeavors of the soul. For example, an eloquent mathematical demonstration is in itself, one of the highest forms of artistic expression. So too, the unique form of dialectic reasoning that the sages employ in their exegeses of the Torah is shows highlighting an artistic extension of the super-conscious reasoning underlying the primal will. Ultimately, art is one’s own individual prophecy to the world.”

The Transformations art show is a first, but we know not the last show or event to showcase our students’ creativity. Join us in honoring this particular group of artist. Please know that we have no intention of leaving someone out—if your art has been influenced by our classes and would like to be involved in future events let us know. Or maybe you will be inspired to try and create yourself—

Again, thanks to Niza and all the artists. And to all of you who will make the show an exciting experience.


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