And God Was Happy

In the beginning man created God. And man said: “Let there be God of Light and let there be God of Darkness.” And man separated those Gods and he called the Light God, Sun, and he called the Dark God, Moon, and so it was for 10,000 years.

Then man asked: “Why are the buffalo easy to hunt one day and another day hard to hunt?” And hungry man said: “Let there be Buffalo God who sacrifices his life so that I can live and he thanked God Buffalo for his concern,” and so it was for 10,000 years.

Then man asked: “Why does it rain sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t?” So man said: “Let there be Rain God who determines who is worthy of rain and who is not.” And man planted wheat and barley and prayed to God Rain for rain. And so it was for 10,000 years.

Then man said: “Let there be my God who prefers me and not your God who prefers you.” And man took his God with him to war against the other man and his God. And man enslaved his captors and brought sacrifices to his God, and so it was for 10,000 years.

Then man said: “Let there be ‘The One God’” which was another way of saying, “let there be my God who prefers me and not your God who prefers you.” And man murdered without mercy all those infidels that didn’t believe in The One God, and so it was for 10,000 years.

Then some man said: “Imagine there is no ‘The One God’ who is really ‘my God who prefers me.’ There is sun and moon, wheat and barley, buffalo and rain and me and you.” And that man asked: “How can we all exist together as one?” And so man freed his slaves and let the buffalo roam and developed hydroponic farming. And that man said: “We must stop being so fruitful and multi-plicitous and be responsible citizens of our world,” and so it was for 10,000 years.

And God was happy. Finally.

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  1. In the face of so much continued environmental destruction and the looming climate crisis we, like many of you, find ourselves wondering, are the forces against us just too entrenched and powerful? Is it possible to turn this ship around? When are we too far down the path of climate change to save ourselves?

    Just last week we got some alarming but clear information from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s special report on the state of our climate. The report assessed more than 6,000 scientific papers, with input from 91 authors and editors from 40 countries; they found that we are already seeing severe climate impacts and that’s with just 1 degree of temperature rise.

    Texas had its third 500-year flood in the span of 3 years. In the past decade, we’ve had the 10 hottest days ever recorded. And get this, the North Pole is on track to be ice-free for the first time ever next summer. The report went on to say that if we allow the global temperature to rise 2 degrees Celsius, it will be much worse than previously projected.

    Let me paint a picture of what a 2-degree-Celsius world would look like:

    Collapse of all the world’s coral reefs – let’s remember the coral reefs are the nurseries of our seas.
    10 feet of sea level rise by 2100 in some regions
    Permanent drought covering one-quarter of the Earth
    More than 100 million climate refugees migrating from global South
    Clearly this isn’t a future we want.

    Finally, the IPCC report went on to say there is a significant risk of crossing critical thresholds and even triggering tipping points if we allow the planet to warm beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius.

    Given this news, how does the historic Paris Climate Agreement that 190 countries signed in 2015 help us? Unfortunately, right now it falls far short. Analysis of the commitments made under the Paris Agreement shows that they will ultimately lead to a world well above 2 degrees Celsius.

    It’s clear now that if we want life – all of life – to have a future on this planet, we simply cannot allow global temperature to rise above 1.5 degrees Celsius.

    We are all in this together. We have got to be in total solidarity.
    The I heart revolution…Grounding to our planet for heart health and grounding to re-connect with our beautiful planet.We seem to be in self-sabotage mode, and it is leading us into illness, heart break and grief for the planet and the full spectrum of life before us.But there is hope for our blue planet.People aren’t the worst…they are the only hope for the planet.
    Despite our Dark President Trump and his denial of climate change…America’s leading businesses, cities,states,colleges and universities are joining world leaders to tackle climate change.
    And the woman said,”Gaia is life. She is all, the very soul of the earth. She has no tolerance for cruel family members. As she is life. She offers nourishment for all her children…as she is the primordial deity and personification of the Earth. She is the celestial body which houses all of life. She is the one to nurture and shelter humankind, providing for all the needs of life. She can see that part of her, the environment is dying. Mother has gone through hellish experiences surrounded by war,human trafficking, and environmental damage. Mother nature is not to be feared,as she has put up with our ignorance and greed. The rising water levels due to climate change, which caused the St Marks Basilica in Venice to see its worst flooding today oct 2018,since1872. People were wading through three feet of water. The signs are not Gaia’s wrath upon her children. Mother nature is not vengeful and punishing in her ways.We are fearful now, when we see the power of nature barreling as hurricanes and forest fires ablaze…but it is not mother nature punishing her creation. She is not the personification of earth shattering chaos. She is mother earth unconditionally birthing the best that she can possibly give. And all that she can and has to give. She is having to survive one on slaught after on slaught. She is unwell and weak, and yet she gives so willingly. It is we who are going to have to mend our ways and respect Mother nature. Despite the hype…there is nothing to fear from mother nature. It is we who need to save our selves and the planet,as we do not live in a fools paradise. Mother has taught us better and we really do know better. Forgive us for our prideful ways. We need to learn to live in harmony with our selves and all our relations. 70% of our insect populations have died…Mother’s heart beat is carrying the weight of our willful blindness. When will the prodigal child come back to mother, and touch her feet in deeply felt gratitude and not some entitled, superficial toleration of her unbound generosity. She has given and given to where there is little wriggle room in her womb for more and more expansion, more damming, more drilling, more poisoning.She clearly sees us for who we really are. Her season has come and gone,and we have given lip service to her cylces,her waxing and waning, her not being her full self…Mother earth now needs palliative care, due to the toxins in her body and her sense of disorientation. We need to be all grown up and take responsibility for our actions and behavior.” To which she said,”AMEN.” And she was happy.

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