Light, Color, and Tikkun Olam

blog fireflies

by Janice Lines I have been thinking about what we discussed in class a couple of weeks ago, that spiritual pursuit and education is a privilege that not all get …


Smelling Our Way

blog nose

by Dr. David Sanders I thought it was a joke  to learn that Google is beta testing the delivery of smells via your computer. What this will mean is that …



Blog Breathe walking meditation

Melanie Gruenwald So many times, we experience life, thinking “I’ll feel better when… ”I’ll feel calmer when…” “I’ll feel less anxious when….” And “when” comes, and we’re all still feeling …


Democracy is Coming (3 of 3)

Blog thesaurus

by Dr. David Sanders In getting hold of a theme, Leonard Cohen, the poet-songwriter could prodigiously create rhymed verse after verse from the thesaurus under his arm that was far …


Radical Change (2 of 3)

by Dr. David Sanders This is how this blog came together. We were sharing ideas in class about our awareness of systemic racism and the thought came up that what …

Stand by Democracy (1 of 3)

by Dr. David Sanders Have you ever driven by a billboard and taken notice of its message only to be told that the advertisement has been there for six months? …


The Invisible is More Important than the Visible

MC Escher

by Melanie Gruenwald Being a mourner in this time of COVID is an interesting experience. Life transitions, in general, are being experienced differently, in general. My dad passed away in …


From the Mouths of Babes

From the Mouths of Babes

by Dr. David Sanders My 9-year-old daughter looked toward me the other morning and said: “Dad, you’re still growing.” I looked at her puzzled and she returned my look with …


Let’s Remake the World with Words

by Melanie Gruenwald “Let’s remake the world with words” Written by Gregory Orr   Let’s remake the world with words. Not frivolously, nor To hide from what we fear, But with …


Writing on the Mirror

writing on the mirror

My husband and I have a quirky habit. We write notes on our bathroom mirrors with dry erase markers. This is a nice way to give a little love note …