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Week 5: The week of Hod

Where are we as we enter the week of Hod?  Our blueprint to freeing ourselves is designed (though it may have been altered during the week of Netzach as we looked at obstacles that need to be overcome). Netzach is energy of active trust—trust in one’s own capacities and in

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Day 28 – Malchut in Netzach

This week is a week of active trust—it is still not action but contemplating those obstacles that need to be released or removed.  It is now a day to rest in the determination of your own capacity to move forward, to overcome obstacles.  The vision of freedom has been strengthened

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Day 27 – Yesod in Netzach

For each week’s Sefirah you can ask yourself on this day of Yesod, have I done the inner work needed…to overcome obstacles to implementing my (evolving) blueprint for change?  Yesod as foundation is be in integrity with the conflicting feelings of loyalty and know that you have considered all options

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Day 26 – Hod in Netzach

What are your limits in overcoming obstacles?  Surrender is not giving up or even giving in—it is giving way.  The best approach at times is not to meet the force head on, just move to the side. This requires not only humility but also determination to seek a way around

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Day 25 – Netzach in Netzach

Overcoming the obstacle to overcoming obstacles!  This paradox is simply resolved in seeing that obstacles are really there to help you in your determination for growth.  A steep set of stairs or ingrained internal resistances (defenses, excuses, rationalizations) are in the end not obstacles to change.  The greater the obstacle,

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Day 24 – Tiferet in Netzach

Today we take out the blueprint to look at it in light of the obstacles of loyalty we have reflected on for the past two days.  Can we feel empathic to others and ourselves as we re-formulate our blueprint for change?  Add to your blueprint the determination to overcome all

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