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Day 23 – Gevurah in Netzach

Gevurah is self-determination, setting aside loyalty to others and looking at a dimension of ‘loyalty to self.’  The obstacle to overcome today is both the sense of isolation-loneliness and the sense of selfishness.  Our self-expression may feel disloyal, a threat to our sense of connectedness to others.  We also need

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Week 4. The Week of Netzach

Your blueprint is set down on paper and you have “signed off.”  The blueprint though is just a map, an outline for growth, your plan for leaving an aspect of personal constriction.  It is not yet taking action and the process toward freedom remains fluid.  In the desert the Jews

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Day 21 – Malchut in Tiferet

Put into action your blueprint. This is a day to see how the building will be constructed using the depth of the foundation to make it a secure, stable and well integrated self.

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Day 20 – Yesod in Tiferet

For each week’s Sefirah you can ask yourself on this day of Yesod, have I done the inner work needed…to design myself anew?  In truth, the process of recreating myself anew (a new blueprint) is an everyday (moment) occurrence—but that is also the task for this week as I contemplate

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Day 19 – Hod in Tiferet

While we may strive for overcoming any and all obstacles that stand in the way of manifesting our new self we also acknowledge our limitations. The ideals of the blueprint remain—accepting that we may not follow all its nuances or even its main design. It may not even be about

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Day 18 – Netzach in Tiferet

Overcome obstacles to implementing your blueprint. There are internal and external obstacles.  Will others accept my changes?  Will I have the tenacity and persuasion to construct a new life based on the vision of the blueprint? Meditation: Can I see resistance to change as part of the blueprint for my

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