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July 9 – August 29, 2018

Damn Nation

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Amen, and again I say Amen!!

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“When you say that only your religion is right or true you have transformed the light and warmth of your religion and God into a fire that at best is inflammatory and at worst hellish.”
True, but an equally true statement would be: “When you say that only your religion is right or true you take your faith seriously.” If you believe that salvation is only possible through believing in the human sacrifice of a rabbi some two thousand years ago, you must also believe every other religion is false, as they promise salvation through other avenues. You must also think these false preachings are evil, as they are leading people away from salvation and God’s grace.
People who take their faith seriously say things like: ‘I will not rest until I have converted the world, so they can know God’, or ‘I will kill myself if I have to, as long as I kill as many infidels as I can as the Quran commands me to’ or ‘The Bible says we were created, therefore evolutionists are doing the work of Satan and must be silenced and kept out of schools.’ It seems the only religious people tolerated by our secular society, or by those who chose to not subscribe to dogmatic nonsense, are those who do not take their faith seriously. Are those who say things like ‘Sure, the Bible says to kill someone who wears two different types of fabrics, or someone who has lost their ‘virgin’ status before marriage, but I chose to ignore that passage, or interpret it in some way that it means something other than what it says, or invent some context that forgives the evil.’
So here lies the problem in religion. Should we show respect to beliefs in ancient books that are filled with evil and immorality (and sure some nice passages here and there), as current social norms dictate we should? Should we extend religious freedom and tolerance to a religion that calls for the torture and murder of nonbelievers? (Something all three monotheisms do.) Mr. Sanders places his compassion above his intellectual integrity, just as Ms. Wheeler places her dogma and faith above her compassion. (It is clear she gave up her intellectual integrity long ago, after all, can a thinking person really believe a virgin can give birth?) But are either concessions forgivable?
Should we not instead devote ourselves to secularism, and reason, and rationality, and truth, and turn away from bronze age myths that comforted people in a time when disease was ‘known’ to be caused by witchcraft (or jews) and not bacteria, and an earthquake was the result of God’s wrath and not the shifting of tectonic plates?
Or should we continue to rpeted that the people who take their religion the least seriously are the only ones that understand the true spirit of their faith?
Well, who cares if the world ends in a nuclear hellfire fueled by differing notions of the nonexistent, as long as we don’t hurt anyones’ feelings.