Day 40 – Hod in Yesod

Hod tempers the determination so doubt can yet again have a foothold (a heel hold) as one faces obstacles or outcomes that seem intractable to change.  The war rages on with Amalek (doubt) and yet we can suspend our need to have the outcome look just one way.  Perhaps Amalek is supposed to dominate so that we always remember that surrendering is part of the process of finding our truth.

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  1. Fail state – In an expansive documentary expose. Fail state reveals the dark story behind the rise of predatory for profit colleges and how a cabal of politicians and unscrupulous business tycoons sold out the dream of American higher education.
    My children got them selves bound to this horrid outcome. I am supposed to surrender to the truth of what they got themselves involved in…the worst foothold out there. I did plead and warn my children against this foot hold…to bad they did not heed my deep and earnest pleadings.

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